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Fourplay Kitchen and Bar (Closed)

Fourplay Kitchen and Bar

FourPlay is the title of the performances of four short theatrical stories by Manchester playwrights Paul Thompson & Phil Pearson. Ironically, Fourplay is also the name of a bar and grill in Joo Chiat decked with the banner of Liverpool Football Club, Manchester United’s great rivals. A Liverpool Crest features prominently on the signboard of Fourplay Kitchen and Bar. It is clearly a place run by Liverpool fans or meant for Liverpool supporters, probably both. We were also curious to see if Fourplay Kitchen and Bar was serving “Benteke Fried Chicken”, “Pizza Crouch” and “Patrik Burger” (well, you will understand the puns if you are a slightly older Liverpool fan).

Fourplay Bar

Fourplay Kitchen and Bar

Fourplay Kitchen

Fourplay Kitchen and Bar says it provides dinner, bar bites, beer and cocktails, or “Quadplay”, hence the name. It is meant to be where guests can eat, drink, play and have fun.

The interior decor is basic with concrete benches, bar tables and chairs in the front of the restaurant and a few regular dining tables at the back. There is an al fresco dining area.

Fourplay Kitchen and Bar

Fourplay Kitchen

Fourplay Kitchen and Bar serves bar bites as well as the usual casual diner fare  including tapas, pizzas, pasta, burgers and grilled meats. Desserts are limited but there is a lengthy beverage menu offering a wide variety of beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks – from vodka and cognac to sake and shochu. Here are pictures of several pages of the food menu and beverage menu.

Fourplay Kitchen and Bar Menu

Fourplay Kitchen and Bar Menu

Fourplay Kitchen Menu

Fourplay Bar Menu


We went there for dinner and ordered Sweet Potato Fries ($8), Fourplay Burger ($15.80), Fish & Chips ($18) and Hawaiian Pizza ($14). Service charge would be tagged on to the bill but there was no GST. The staff were a little surprised (or disappointed) when we did not order any drink. Nevertheless, they offered ice water voluntarily. One of us eventually ordered a cup of green tea ($5).

Fourplay Burger

The Fourplay Burger came with a juicy beef patty and the works – lettuce, tomato, fried egg, hash brown and cheddar cheese. It was served with french fries and calamari rings. The burger looked yummy and it was delicious. It was a substantial meal for one person. Probably more calories than we could afford but we would happily order the Fourplay Burger again.

Fourplay Burger

Fourplay Joo Chiat

FourPlay Sweet Potato Fries

The crispy breaded Fish & Chips as well as the Sweet Potato Fries did not look very exciting. The portions were quite substantial. They were competently done but not much different from those served in other decent restaurants.

Fourplay Fish & Chips

The Hawaiian Pizza was very good and great value for money. The key to a really good pizza is the crust. Fourplay’s pizza had tasty thin crispy crust – the edge was almost like a nice cracker. The toppings of ham, cheese and pineapple combined well and the pizza as a whole was sumptuous – as good as those we had tried in specialty gourmet pizza places.

FourPlay Kitchen Pizza

Fourplay Kitchen and Bar screens English Premier League soccer matches. It might have been a place where Liverpool fans went to drown their sorrows. Now that Liverpool is sitting on top of the Premier League Table, Fourplay Kitchen & Bar could be the perfect spot in the East for Liverpool supporters to gather and cheer on their team.  If you are not a Liverpool fan, Fourplay Kitchen & Bar in Joo Chiat is still a cosy place for after work drinks or a good meal. We did not see Fried Chicken on the menu, but you can certainly do a “Luis Suarez” and bite into thin “Pizza Crouch” or exotic “Patrik Burger”;  Fourplay Kitchen and Bar’s pizzas and burgers are certainly delicious.

Fourplay Joo Chiat

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops


Fourplay Kitchen and Bar
467 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427678

Tel:+65 6348 9258

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