Fynn’s Café at South Beach (Closed)

Fynn’s Café at South Beach

Fynn’s is a new all day dining café at South Beach Avenue. It has great looks, an interesting menu, good service and an inviting atmosphere. It opens early and serves good coffee by Common Man Roasters; and stays open till late in the evenings and offers beer and a good selection of wine by the glass or bottle. We enjoyed a weekend brunch at Fynn’s Café at South Beach and it is going to the top of our list of favourite new cafes.

Fynn's Cafe

Fynn’s Café at South Beach Avenue has an outdoor seating area that looks very casual, with camping stools placed round planter boxes that double up as tables. It is a unique spot for that dine on a terrace experience where you can watch the passersby.

Fynn's Cafe

Fynn's Cafe Singapore

Walking through the doors of Fynn’s Cafe, we said to ourselves, “If we open a cafe, this is how we like it to look.” The interior of Fynn’s has beautiful lighting and fittings, interesting furniture and judicious use of plants and accent pieces. It is a perfect combination of chic and trendy and warm and inviting.

Behind the salad counter is an open kitchen where you can see the chefs’ dedication and skill.

Fynn's Cafe South Beach Singapore

Fynn's Cafe Singapore

Fynn’s menu looks simple but it is really an all day dining menu which includes some interesting and imaginative dishes. There are also cakes and pastries that you can pick from the counter. Here are pictures of Fyyn’s regular menu as well as the Weekend Brunch menu.

Fynn's Cafe Brunch Menu

Fynn's Cafe Brunch Menu

Fynn's Cafe Menu

We visited Fynn’s Café at South Beach on a weekend and ordered the Stuffed French Toast ($19.50) and the Pulled Chicken Pita ($17). A long black was $5. No GST would be added to the bill but there would be the 10% service charge.

We did no have to wait long before the coffee and food came. While we waited, water was offered and served. The staff were friendly and attentive. On the whole, the service level was commendable.

Fynn's Cafe Brunch

The French Toast, stuffed with cheese and bacon bits, was served with tomatoes on the side. Having seen many extravagantly decorated dishes in many cafes recently, the Fynn’s French toast  appeared very plain and ordinary. The portion was a sensible one. The savoury, sweet and tangy combination of the dish grew on us. The blend of eggs, bacon, cheese, carbohydrates and vitamin rich tomatoes was wholesome and satisfying. We enjoyed the plain looking dish.

Fynn's Cafe French Roasts

Brunch at Fynn's Cafe Singapore

The Pulled Chicken Pita was served with a good helping of salad and a colourful assortment of root chips. The pita bread was filled with chicken, hummus, lettuce and cranberries which were dressed with a light sauce. The simple dish was delightful and delicious.

Brunch at Fynn's Cafe Singapore

Desserts at Fynn's Cafe Singapore

We finished our brunch with a piece of Coffee Almond Cake ($4.50) with a scoop of Gelato ($4.50). The gelato was rich and felt soft and creamy in the mouth. It was delicious. The cake was quite ordinary. The coffee, using beans from Common Man Coffee Roasters, was rich and robust – very enjoyable.

 Common Man Coffee Roasters at Fynn's

Overall, Fynn’s Café at South Beach is a chic and trendy cafe with an inviting atmosphere. We had a delightful meal at Fynn’s. It was a very pleasant and comfortable place we enjoyed and would be visiting again. We must include Fynn’s in our list of top new cafes for 2016.

Fynn's Cafe at South Beach

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Fynn’s Cafe
26 Beach Road
#B1-21, South Beach Avenue
Singapore 189768

Tel: +65 6384 1878

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 9:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm
Monday: closed

Nearby MRT Stations: Esplanade, City Hall

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