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Good Trio Straw Bag Rice

The Good Trio Thomson Plaza

Some restaurants are well publicised and highly visible. Some restaurants are clearly a notch above average but never seem to get any attention. The Good Trio 三人行 is a commendable Chinese restaurant that seems to remain under the radar. It is a restaurant in Thomson Plaza where we found good food, good variety and good value.

The Good Trio 三人行

The Good Trio Restaurant 三人行

The Good Trio is located in the basement of Thomsom Plaza. The restaurant is bright with a simple modern decor fairly typical of casual Chinese diners. There are booth seats and tables of various sizes and configurations. There are a few large round tables suitable for office lunches and family gathering for birthday celebration or Chinese New Year dinner.  A semi-open concept kitchen provided a glimpse into the kitchen.

The Good Trio Restaurant

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三人行 The Good Trio restaurant serves comfort food. It offers a good variety of dishes, some of which are very interesting. Below are photos of its menu board which highlights its popular dishes. The main menu and special set menus can be found on its website. It also has a high tea menu.

The Good Trio 三人行 Menu

The Good Trio Restaurant 三人行 Menu

One of the interesting items on the menu is the Straw Bag Rice ($2.60).  It is a Hakka traditional preparation which contains green beans, corn and four different types of rice.

Good Trio Straw Bag" Rice

Deep Fried Corn Shape Fish ($14.90 for half portion, and $26.90 for whole) is one of the signature items of The Good Trio. The dish is a good example of the creativity and skill of the chefs at The Good Trio. Deep-fried fish and vegetables were arranged to look like a stalk of corn. The fish had a nice crispy outer layer and was delicious with the sweet and sour sauce.

Deep Fried Corn Fish at The Good Trio  Handmade Popiah with Shredded Lean Meat

Another rather unique dish is the Handmade Popiah with Shredded Lean Meat ($13.90). It was like Peking Duck but instead of duck, marinated pork was used. The popiah skin was thin and of good quality. It was quite an enjoyable dish.

Good Trio Popiah with Shredded Lean Meat

Good Trio Glutunious Rice

We also tried their Steamed Glutinous Rice Ball with Meat ($11.90 for 8 pieces) and Braised Pumpkin with Soybean-Sauce. The pumpkin looked very nice but taste-wise, it was quite ordinary. The rice balls looked like siew mais with prawns but were meat balls with a thin outer layer of rice topped with wolfberries. They were quite tasty.

Good Trio Pumkins

We rounded up our dinner with another of The Good Trio’s must try item – Hot Yam Paste in Coconut ($7.90). The dessert was a mix of coconut, yam, sago and some other ingredients and served in a coconut husk. It was fragrant, creamy and sweet and really delicious.

Hot Yam Paste in Coconut

Overall, we had an enjoyable dinner. The Good Trio has done a commendable job in offering a good variety of creative and interesting dishes at reasonable prices. It has a new branch in JCube  and its following is growing. We think that The Good Trio will not stay under the radar for too much longer.

The Good Trio - good food good variety good value

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs    4 tops

The Good Trio 三人行 (San Ren Xing) Thomson
301 Upper Thomson Road
Thomson Plaza #01-111
Singapore 574408

Mondays to Thursdays
Lunch: 1130 am – 3 pm (Last Order@230 pm)
Dinner: 530 pm – 10 pm (Last Order@930 pm)​

Fridays to Sundays
Lunch: 1130 am – 5 pm (Last Order@430 pm)
Dinner: 530 pm – 10 pm (Last Order@930 pm)

Tel: +65 6457 1379

The Good Trio 三人行 (San Ren Xing) Jurong
2 Jurong East Central 1
#01-17 JCube Singapore 609731

Mondays to Thursday
Lunch: 1130 am – 3 pm (Last Order@230 pm)
Dinner: 530 pm – 10 pm (Last Order@930 pm)​

Fridays to Sundays
Lunch: 1130 am – 5 pm (Last Order@430 pm)
Dinner: 530 pm – 10 pm (Last Order@930 pm)

​High Tea:  230 pm to 430pm daily

Tel: +65 6694 1897

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