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Hello 2017 and good-bye 2016 – we look back on what we ate and the food events of the year

How quickly time passes.  As we look forward to a new year and new places to eat, we thought it might be interesting to look back at 2016 and remind ourselves of the events in Singapore that were significant. This being a food blog, we will of course only focus on things that are close to our heart (and stomach) – Singapore food trends and food events and not bore you with things like Brexit and Trump.


The Michelin Guide arrives in Singapore

Hate it or love it, there is no doubt that the Michelin Guide to restaurants is an internationally respected go-to reference point when one is deciding what to eat. The Michelin Guide arrived in Singapore in 2016, making celebrities or millionaires out of some but at the same time making it harder to get tables to some restaurants on the list. Joel Robuchon led the honours list with the only 3-star restaurant in Singapore. Here is our List of Singapore 2016 Michelin Star Restaurants and Hawker Stalls.

Singapore Food Blog

Joel Robuchon Singapore

More is More

Less may be more when you know exactly what you want, but when you can’t make up your mind or if there are many people to please, more is more. 2016 saw the opening of several big multiple-cuisine venues, providing a convenient one-stop shop for those who seek variety.

Picnic at Wisma


Picnic Wisma Atria – dining in a park experience in an Orchard Road mall

Timbre Plus Singapore


Timbre Plus = hawker food + international cuisine + live music + beer + attitude

Wild Market in Shaw Towers

Wild Market

Wild Market in Shaw Towers – a new food hall & bar in Beach Road

Hello, Beautiful

Some beautiful new cafes opened in 2016. We hope this is a new trend that will replace the raw (and uncomfortable) industrial decor that had previously been the rage.

Caffè Vergnano

Caffè Vergnano 1882

Fynn’s Cafe

Fynn’s modern all day dining café

Birds of a Feather


The popularity of Japanese food and restaurants continued their gallop into 2016. We saw the opening of many new Japanese restaurants and Japan Food Town, Wisma Atria and the Isetan Scotts Food Hall.

Japan Food Town

Chateraise (Shaw House)

Isetan Scotts Food Hall

Home, truly.

We are always proud when our fellow compatriots rise to the top of the game.  Of course Joseph Schooling took the spotlight on this front but there were some impressive new restaurants helmed by local talents in 2016.  Here are three examples.

Janice Wong Singapore Restaurant

Janice Wong National Museum Restaurant – where food meets art

National Kitchen

Violet Oon’s National Kitchen, National Gallery Singapore

Mad About Sucre Singapore

Mad About Sucre, French restaurant and patisserie in Chinatown

On a lighter note

Another discernible development in our food scene is that restaurants are starting to take themselves less seriously, which is a good thing as we saw some new places which have lighthearted themes. Chinese restaurants have always played it safe. As a result they have been predictable, if not boring. 2016 saw a move towards more light-heartedness and more cuteness. Hopefully dim sum and braised pork belly will appeal more to the younger generations as a result of these movements.

Xiao Ya Tou – restaurant in Duxton serving naughty modern Asian cuisine

Beast & Butterflies ⋆ M Social Singapore – hip new restaurant bar

Beast & Butterflies ⋆ M Social Singapore

Peony Jade

Yi Dian Xin

Hello Again

To many of us, East Coast Park, and in particular the McDonald’s outlet there, is a place we where we have spent time and fond memories of.  After years of closure the stretch of restaurants there has reopened as Marine Cove.  McD has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, and it is a magnificent phoenix!

Marine Cove at East Coast Park reborn

McDonald’s Marine Cove East Coast Park


Some doors open and some doors close. The saddest food event of 2016 was the closure of our favourite Teochew restaurant. Lee Kui in Chinatown.

Lee Kui Teochew Restaurant (李贵) in Chinatown, Singapore – where time has stood still (Closed)

A sad day – finding out that Lee Kui Teochew Restaurant has closed


Lee Kui Teochew Restaurant

We thank our readers for staying with us through 2016 and look forward to seeing you all in 2017.

Happy New Year!


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