Dragon Phoenix Grand, Chinese Restaurant @ Temasek Club

According to the MINDEF website, “Temasek Club aims to promote greater interaction amongst the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) officers, senior military experts and their families as well as to build cohesion within MINDEF/SAF units.”  Well away from the main Bukit Timah thoroughfare, the club is located deep inside Rifle Range Road. What is of interest to us are the two restaurants in Temasek Club, which are open to the public. Today, we take a look at the Chinese restaurant at Temasek Club, the Dragon Phoenix Grand.

Dragon Phoenix Grand Chinese restaurant at Temasek Club
Entrance to Temasek Club

The Temasek Club opened at Rifle Range Road about two years ago and looks and feels new.  We think that it is a good idea to open its restaurants to the public as they would probably be under-utilised, especially on week days. It is also a welcome move as there are not many proper Chinese restaurants in the Bukit Timah / Upper Bukit Timah area.

The Dragon Phoenix Grand Chinese restaurant is a spacious restaurant overlooking the swimming pools. It is done up like a typical Chinese restaurant with lanterns and traditional furniture, but with modern touches, like painting the chairs and walls white. The private rooms look quite beautiful. We were there at lunch time on a weekday and it was quite empty, just us and a handful of other small groups. As we mentioned earlier, the restaurants at Temasek Club are open to the public but the members pay less – they enjoy a 10% discount.

As a full-fledged Chinese restaurant, they serve a wide range of the usual Chinese restaurant repertoire. Here are pictures of some pages from the Dragon Phoenix Grand Chinese restaurant menu.  We ordered a mix of dim sum and regular dishes.

We tried a trio of dim sum items – shrimp dumpling (har kau $5), scallop dumpling ($5) and pan-fried chicken gyoza ($4.80). The taste of the har kau was good, the others were quite average. We also ordered some Kyoto pork ribs which were signature items ($6 per piece). The sauce was a tad sweet but they were nice tasting pieces of meaty pork ribs.

The roast crispy chicken with garlic ($24 for half a bird) was generally good. The skin was crisp but the meat was a bit dry. The garlic added another dimension of taste to this otherwise common dish.

To round-up the meal we had a stewed ee fu noodles with yellow chives ($16). This dish had no exotic ingredients but we thought it was the best dish of the day. The taste was very well-balanced. A very good noodle dish.

Overall, the Dragon Phoenix Grand Chinese restaurant was a good discovery as there are very few full service Chinese restaurants in the area. It is not the most accessible restaurant in Singapore, but we were rewarded with peace and quiet once we got there.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs    3 Tops


Dragon Phoenix Grand Chinese Restaurant
Temasek Club
131 Rifle Range Road
Singapore 588406

Tel: +65 6463 3628

Opening Hours:
11.30am to 3pm
6pm to 10:30pm


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