Roost Singapore at Centrepoint (Closed)

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Orchard Central and away from Centrepoint, where a new chicken restaurant Roost Singapore just opened. The chicken restaurant opens in time for the Rooster year.  This could be the place to go to have gatherings for the Chinese New Year. We stopped by at Roost Singapore for lunch.

Roost Singapore is located in the food hall basement of Centrepoint next to the newly re-opened Cold Storage Supermarket. The food hall space is a big open space with about ten eateries. From afar, it looks like a food court but they are separate restaurants bunched together with each restaurant having their own enclosed seating.

Roost restaurant sells items that revolve around the chicken. Almost all the items on the menu have chicken in them in some shape or form. Here are pictures of some parts of the Roost Singapore menu.

We tried three items from the sharing plates section of the menu. The chilli crab dip ($4.90) was one of the few items that did not have chicken in them. We found it too sweet and not spicy enough; and we could hardly detect any crab. The crispy chicken rice balls ($4.90) were very plain.

The chicken sushi ($4.90) was the best of the sharing items, both in terms of looks and taste. The use of chicken rice, topped with strips of chicken with teriyaki sauce to make sushi was quite ingenious!

For main course we tried the laksa ($7.90), Ipoh kway teow ($7.90) and Yin Yan chicken rice ($8.90). The laksa was very mild. It has a nice laksa taste. A small plate of poached chicken was served on the side.  A decent laksa for those who prefer their laksa dish to be not spicy.

The Ipoh kway teow was very good. The kway teow were thin and slurpable – as these noodles from Ipoh should taste. The broth was a medium-bodied chicken soup that went well with the kway teow.  Again the chicken was served on the side.

The yin yan chicken rice was served with their signature chicken of two types of chicken – poached and soya sauce. The chickens at Roost were apparently cooked with an automated process that ensures that the results are consistently cooked juicy chicken. The chicken dishes that came with all the dishes that day were certainly homogenous. The meat was tender, not dry but not the most flavourful.  The rice had a good texture but the chicken taste was not very intense. The soya sauce chicken looks nicer with its browned skin, but the taste was not that much different from the poached version.

The drinks we had that day were silky barley, white coffee and ice coffee (each $2.90). Overall, we thought that the chicken at Roost Singapore was not bad. The creativity that went into making so many dishes out of this single item must be applauded. The chicken sushi in particular is a good idea – chicken rice in bite sized portions. However, the meal did get monotonous after a while as we kept seeing the same chicken with most of the dishes. Perhaps having more variety would make a meal more interesting.

Food: 3
Service 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road #B1-17/18/19
Singapore 238843.

Tel: +65 69090411

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00
Nearby MRT Station: Somerset

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