Coffee break at Orange Thimble cafe, Tiong Bahru (Closed)

We stopped by for a coffee and cake break at Orange Thimble cafe, Tiong Bahru not because we needed to eat or drink, but simply to satisfy our curiosity.  The Orange Thimble cafe is an attractive cafe on Eng Hoon Street.  We had to see what the inside looks like.

Immediately after the entrance, the decor of the Orange Thimble cafe was not different from many hipster cafes in the Tiong Bahru area. Retro style furniture, a big chalkboard menu. One big difference was the bold artwork hanging on the walls.  According to their Facebook writeup, “(t)he Orange Thimble is where art, meets cafe. A corner for creativity.”

Going deeper insider the cafe, the decor became more avant-garde. Distressed walls, deliberate graffiti created tension in the otherwise typical cafe look of the place. Pictures of scenes from Tiong Bahru hang on the walls for sale.  We must admit the pictures look quite attractive and we were quite tempted to buy one of them as we do not often come across nice paintings of scenes from Singapore.

The inside of the Orange Thimble cafe was not what we expected, but it was certainly a change from the norm. We had some coffee and shared a slice of cake, both of which were quite average.  As we were there at a time in between meals,  we had the whole place to ourselves. We selected the corner with some retro furniture.

Overall, the we found Orange Thimble cafe to be an interesting place to meet up with friends. We did not try enough of their food and drinks to come to a conclusion about them. It is certainly not a run of the mill place, which is what makes Tiong Bahru such an interesting place.  We are discovering new places there all the time.


The Orange Thimble

#01-68, 56 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 160056



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