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Lunch at Peach Garden Chinatown Point

Peach Garden Chinatown Point

Peach Garden Chinatown Point is another branch of the popular Chinese restaurant chain. The Chinatown Point outlet is described by Peach Garden as their “fine, casual dining extension” which they explained as an attempt to combine the best of both worlds – offering “award-winning cuisine of Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant and the relaxed vibe of Peach Garden Noodle House”. We went for lunch at Peach Garden Chinatown Point recently and thought that they managed to hit the sweet spot where we could get good food in a smart casual setting.

Peach Garden Restaurant Chinatown Point

We have previously written about our visits to Peach Garden @ The Metropolis and Peach Garden Noodle House @ White Sands and we have also dined at Peach Garden @ OCBC Centre on a number of occasions. In terms of decor, Peach Garden Chinatown Point would be close to that of the OCBC Centre outlet but the general atmosphere is more relaxed. It has a general dining hall which is not very big and there are also private rooms. The patrons are a mix of the office executives, the old Chinese towkays and families.

Peach Garden Restaurant Chinatown Point

It has a comprehensive Chinese restaurant menu, set meals as well as a dim sum menu. Below are pictures of random sections of Peach Garden menus.

Peach Garden Restaurant Menu

Peach Garden Menu

Peach Garden Menu

Peach Garden Restaurant Menu

Peach Garden Menu

We ordered one of their popular dishes – Braised Homemade with Mushrooms ($18 for a small plate). It was a good dish. The beancurd was smooth but sufficient firm so that it did not disintegrate the moment it was touched. Their was sufficient complexity in the taste to make the simple dish interesting.

Chinatown Point Peach Garden

Chinatown Point Peach Garden Dim Sum


We also tried a few of their dim sum items – steamed scallops dumplings ($5.80), deep-fried bean curd skin with prawns ($5.80) and the steamed custard buns ( $4.20).

Peach Garden Restaurant Dim Sum

They did not look fancy and all the dim sum items were of good Chinese restaurant standards. We particularly enjoyed the custard buns. The skin was soft, fluffy and light.

Peach Garden Dim Sum

Overall, we had a nice meal at Peach Garden Chinatown Point. The prices are not low and the usual Chinese restaurant overheads, plus GST and service charge, would be added to the bill. However, it was a nice elegant but casual restaurant and we did get food of the reliable Peach Garden Chinese restaurant standard.

Chinatown Point Peach Garden Restaurant

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops



Peach Garden @ ChinaTown Point
133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413

Tel: +65 6702 0603

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 11.00am to 10:30pm
Weekends: and PHs : 10:30am to 10:30pm

Nearby MRT Stations : Chinatown


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1 thought on “Lunch at Peach Garden Chinatown Point”


    Came here to have Peking Duck (on 65% off promo). Ordered the whole duck, plus ordered Duck Fried Rice as the second dish.

    Duck arrived, shown to us, and taken somewhere else for its skin to be sliced. Served a plate of duck skins, while the rest of the skins are still being sliced (Note: I personally saw with my own eyes that they were slicing more skins from our duck). The subsequent plate of skins never came. When questioned, they said they already served the skin of the whole duck for us. Never in my life have I ordered a WHOLE Peking Duck that yields only one small plate of skin.

    Then came the Duck Fried Rice that was supposed to be cooked using the meat from the Peking Duck. Never in my life have I ordered a Duck Fried Rice with so few duck meat. When questioned, they said they already served the whole duck.

    Switched to angry-mode and started to make some noises. Only then, they told me that they normally serve Duck Fried Rice using only the breast meat. I asked what do they do with the meat from the thighs and drums? They told me they just throw them away. I’m surprised I didn’t respond with a: what-the-f**k?!

    It is very obvious that these people are trying to serve less-than-whole ducks to customers who are paying for whole ducks. They even did a mini-drama in front angry-me where one tried to explain to another in Mandarin what I was complaining about, putting up shocked-faces and all. They did eventually serve us a plate of the supposedly-thrown drums and thighs.

    Oh, if you’re wondering why I had the word “petty” in the title of this review, not a single person served me tea after I complained.

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