GastroSmiths Katong 112 (Closed)

We had been to GastroSmiths when they first opened in Beach Road. We liked the food and friendly service there but were not too impressed with the cramped space . We visited GastroSmiths Katong 112 recently and found the same good food and service with the bonus of a very pleasant and spacious dining area.

GastroSmiths Katong 112

GastroSmiths Katong 112

GastroSmiths Katong 112 occupies a section of HomesToLife, a lifestyle shop selling furniture and home accessories. There is a bar counter right up front and the dining area is a L-shaped space. The decor is simple and the tables are well spaced out. It is a pleasant and comfortable space.

GastroSmiths 112 Katong

GastroSmiths Katong 112  GastroSmiths Katong

GastroSmiths Katong 112 stlyed itself as a modern bistro serving original creations. It menu has interesting fusion dishes like Steamed Drunken Clams, Chicken Kimchi Don and Fisherman’s Mee Sua. Pictures of sections of GastroSmiths Katong Menu are below.

GastroSmiths Katong Menu

GastroSmiths Katong 112 Menu

GastroSmiths Menu

GastroSmiths Menu

GastroSmiths Katong Menu

We ordered the Fried Oyakodon ($16), Roast Chicken Steak ($18) and the Lamb “Kambing Soup” Stew ($20). A cup of Americano was $4. There was no service charge but GST would be added to the bill. Water was offered by the friendly staff.

Coffee at GastroSmiths Katong     Food at GastroSmiths Katong

The food was served after a reasonable waiting time of about 15 minutes. The Lamb Stew cooked local Kambing Soup style was served with 3 pieces of toasted baguette. It was quite a good sized portion. The stew, simmered with herbs and spices, was thick and tasty, though we thought it was a little too sweet.  The mutton was tender and flavourful but without a strong “lamby” taste. On the whole the dish was very good.

Kambing Soup at GastroSmiths Katong

Lamb Stew at GastroSmiths Katong

Food at GastroSmiths Katong

The Fried Oyakodon was a bowl of Japanese rice topped with a sous-vide egg and deep fried sake chicken. The fried chicken was crispy and had very tender meat. The dish was enjoyable though we found it a tad too oily.

The Roast Chicken Steak was served with potato gratin. The deboned chicken leg was juicy and tasty. The gravy added subtle flavours to the chicken. The dish looked simple but it was a delectable treat for the taste buds.

Chicken at GastroSmiths Katong

GastroSmiths Katong 112 has an interesting menu and the food is of good quality and enjoyable. The coffee is good too. The service is commendable. The dining space is pleasant and comfortable. We were suitably impressed by this delightful modern bistro in Katong.

GastroSmiths 112

Food : 4
Service : 4
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

GastroSmiths Katong
112 Katong, #03-06
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

Tel: +65 9772 9511

Opening Hours: 10 am to 9.30 pm
Closed on Monday

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