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Kampong Chicken Eating House

Kampong Chicken Eating House

The Soya Suace Chicken Rice is now known internationally as the Singapore street food with a Michelin star. However, we Singaporeans know that there are in fact many types of chicken rice to be found in Singapore – each delicious in its own way. Trying different versions of chicken rice can be a food adventure by itself.  One of the stops in any chicken rice trail should be Kampong Chicken Eating House in Tiong Bahru, along Outram Road.

Kampong Chicken Eating House

Kampong Chicken Eating House is a small eatery that grown out of the chef’s search for an alternative source of chicken during the bird flu scare in the late nineties. He came upon “kampong grown” chicken – and Kampong Chicken Eating House has been serving chicken rice with its unique yellow skin kampong chicken since.

Kampong chicken, or chicken reared in villages, are supposed to be free range chickens. Unlike chickens from commercial (large) scale producers, kampong chicken are not given special feed and they get to run around – so they are supposed to be skinnier, more muscular and have darker meat.


The specialty in Kampong Chicken Eating House is of course the kampong chicken. The skin of their chickens are yellower than usual not because the chicken got to run around in the sun but because they were boiled in water with yellow ginger.

Kampong Chicken Eating House serves more than just chicken. Cold crabs, chicken ngoh hiang and the usual zhi char dishes are available. Pictures of sections of the menu are below.

Kampong Chicken Rice menu

Kampong Chicken Rice menu


We ordered the individual chicken rice sets ($4.70 for a set). The set comprised chicken for one with half an egg, rice and soup. We also ordered a sambal kangkong with cuttlefish ($10). A fresh Thai coconut was $3.80.

Kampong Chicken Rice

The sambal kangkong was fresh and the stems were crunchy. Otherwise, the dish was ordinary.

Kampong Chicken Rice Tiong Bahru

Kampong Chicken Outram Road

Chicken rice was served in bowls. The rice was well infused with chicken stock and not too oily. It was really flavourful and tasty. The chilli and ginger sauce provided were also good. High marks for the key ingredients of a good chicken rice meal so far.

What about the kampong chicken? We can’t tell if the kampong chicken was really very different from the “normal chicken”. Maybe the chicken we got was a lazy one which did not do its workout. It did look a little thinner but it did not feel any tougher or more muscular than other chickens we had tried in chicken rice stalls elsewhere. The lightly seasoned meat was tender and on the whole the chicken tasted quite good.

Kampong Chicken Outram Road

Kampong Chicken Eating House is worth a stop in the chicken rice trail. Kampong chicken rice is supposed to be a healthier low fat and low cholesterol option.  If that is true, Kampong Chicken Eating House is another place where we can enjoy a local delicacy without feeling too guilty.

Food : 4
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Kampong Chicken Eating House
247 Outram Road
Singapore 169047

Tel: +65 6221 2522

Opening Hours: 10.45am – midnight

Nearest MRT Station : Outram Park


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  1. Very disappointed with the chicken rice. Please be fair to customers. Where is the chicken meat?

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