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Birthday celebration lunch at Lawry’s Singapore

Lawry’s Singapore is one of the names that often comes up when someone asks what is a good steak place in Singapore. For years, since their early days in Paragon, Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore has been serving their prime ribs in Singapore with their special style of service. They moved to Mandarin Gallery when this mall opened. Attracted by their birthday month promotion, we were there for lunch for a simple birthday lunch celebration.

Lawry’s Singapore is located on the fourth floor of Mandarin Gallery. The dining room is beautifully furnished in traditional American style, reflecting the restaurant’s roots. The best seats for couples are the tables along the window, where diners can get a direct view of Orchard Road (and Robinson’s Heeren on the other side).

Lawry’s Singapore Lunch Menu

The lunch menu of Lawry’s Singapore is a simple one-page board. Mostly meat items, and with some seafood items for those who prefer surf to turf. The prices at Lawry’s are rather high, but they frequently have special deals that make eating here more affordable. One evergreen promotion is their birthday month lunch celebration. When two persons dine here, the cheaper main course enjoys a 50% discount.  Which was what we did the other day. We both selected the Prime Rib Lunch with The English Cut ($88) – three slices of deftly carved prime rib (200 g).

First impressions at Lawry’s Singapore were positive. It was a well-organised and proper restaurant. The staff were courteous and smiling. Everyone whom we passed greeted or acknowledged us as we were ushered to our seat. There were proper napkins and tablecloths. Even the bread and butter looked good in this environment.

The Prime Rib Lunch starts off with their traditional spinning bowl. Crunchy romaine and iceberg lettuce and other condiments were all mixed into the salad bowl spinning on ice. Our co-worker (as everyone working here at Lawry’s is referred to) does a ballerina like performance in the process. The salad was served to us well mixed and cold. A chilled fork was presented for us to eat the salad.   We might have been swayed by the performance,  but we thought the salad was very good.

Next, we awaited the arrival of our beef which would be served to us from this space-age wagon.


The chef wheels the wagon to our table and proudly displays his wares.  These stacks of delicious looking prime ribs of different ‘doneness’ would make any carnivore weep with joy.  We decide to go with a  medium and a medium-well serving respectively.

This is what the medium-cooked prime rib looks like. Soft and tender, this would be recommended for those who like to have more of the natural beef taste.

This is what the medium-well serving looks like. We suspect this will appeal to more people as the meat was firmer and the edges had more of the burnt taste. We were glad we did not order any larger cut as 200g was plenty of beef. We think the chef was very generous.  The meat had a good distribution of fats so that there was no dryness. The beef gravy was a delicious magic potion that made anything it contacted taste even better.

Another highlight of the lunch was the Yorkshire pudding. These are some of the best we ever tried. Eaten with the beef gravy, it was wonderful.

We did not order any dessert or side dishes as the regular items were more than adequate. At the end of the meal, these ladies arrived, bearing a small slice of cake and singing the usual birthday song with a Lawry’s twist. Their singing was pitch perfect. We were glad it was a small cake as it was all we could eat, bringing our little birthday celebratory lunch at Lawry’s Singapore to an end.

Food: 5
Service: 5
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 5 TOPs 5 Tops


Chope Reservations


Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore
333A Orchard Road
#04-01/31 Mandarin Gallery,
Mandarin Orchard Singapore 238897

Tel: +65 6836 3333

Opening Hours:
Lunch (Daily): 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.00 – 11.00pm
Last Order at 10.00pm (Sunday – Thursday)
Last Order at 10.30pm (Friday & Saturday)
Royal Tea (Monday – Saturday): 2.30 – 5.00pm

Nearby MRT Station: Somerset


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