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Gan Yakitori @ Star Vista – revisited 2017

We last visited Gan Yakitori @ Star Vista in July 2014.  That was when Star Vista first opened. Over the three years or so,  quite a few restaurants have come and gone.  One of the restaurants that have remained since day one is Gan Yakitori.  On our recent visit in 2017, the place was full at lunch time.  The good food and attractive set lunch menus probably have something to do with it.

The interior of Gan Yakitori has remained the same. The dark wood interior and the numerous bottles of sake lining the shelves made the restaurant look very much like an izakaya.  Most of the people here during lunch looked like office workers from the nearby buildings of Metropolis and One North.   We can see why, as the set lunch options looked attractive.  Here are pictures of the February 2017 set lunch menu and some pages from the ala carte menu.

Gan Yakitori Menu

We selected the  grilled mackerel rice set ($11.20), the chicken katsu ni set ($13.30) and a selection of ala carte items.  We first show you the lunch sets, each was served  with a small salad, soup and rice.

The chicken katsu was a large portion of deep-fried chicken coated with eggs and covered with a light broth.  The taste was very good.  It was a large portion.  This together with rice and salad will be enough to satisfy anyone.

In contrast the grilled mackerel was more predictable.   The one half of a small mackerel (sliced down the middle) was quite fishy, as most mackerel usually are.  But that was adequately addressed by eating it with the shredded radish and flavoured soy sauce.

The  steamed clams ($6.50) were fresh and had a good taste.  A good tapas style dish to go with sake or beer and as an appetizer.   Small glasses of beer are sold at $3 each.

Yakitori is the main event at Gan Yakitori but we only space to try one – the mid-joint chicken wing ($3.50  per skewer).  We liked them – grilled till the skin was crisp  but the insides still moist.

Our final dish was a grilled hamachi neck ($14).  This was not bad but it was too pale.   We would have liked it to be more grilled to create a charred flavour.

Overall, Gan Yakitori @ Star Vista remains the cosy Japanese izakaya styled restaurant in Buona Vista.  It is definitely a good place to have lunch or to have drinks with some of the grilled yakitori items.  Read about our 2014 visit here.


Food: 4

Service: 3

Value: 3

Atmosphere: 4

Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Gan Yakitori @ Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #02-20

Tel: 6694 0660

Hours : 11 am – 3 pm; 6pm – 11pm

Nearby Stations : Buona Vista


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