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ENAQ Prata Shop – new crispy roti prata place at Ghim Moh

When Flock the cafe opened their outlet in Ghim Moh some years ago, we had thought that it would be nice to have a hip cafe in this area without having to travel all the way to Tiong Bahru.  But Flock moved out about a year or so ago and another cafe took its place.  The second cafe also moved out after a while.   The space is now taken over by the ENAQ Prata Shop.  It is the nicest roti prata restaurant we have seen.  Air conditioned and still mostly using chic cafe furniture, it provides a cool alternative to the usual hawker fare available at the nearby Ghim Moh market and food centre.

The indoor and outdoor dining areas of ENAQ Prata Shop look neat and attractive.  Not much different from the cafes selling pasta and all day breakfast that preceded it.   The food preparation area however looks more messy than the previous occupants’.  For a look at the previous Flock cafe, read our post here.

The most important change is of course the menu. In place of burgers, waffles and cappuccino, there is now prata, thosai, roti john and milo dinosaur.    Here are pictures of the food and drinks menu of ENAQ Prata Shop. As you can see, it not only sells prata but other kinds of food.

We were only there for a quick stopover and only had time and stomach space to try their signature roti prata.  Plain roti prata and prata with egg costs $1.20 and $1.90 respectively.

Both types of prata were thin and crisp.  We can’t tell what kind of curry was used. But it was also enjoyable.   These prata were quite small, one probably needs to eat three of the plain prata for lunch. They might be slightly more expensive that those in some hawker centres but we can’t think of a nicer environment to eat them in.  Since we had already consumed so much extra calories for the day, we ended the meal with a thick, sweet ice milo ($1.90)

ENAQ Prata Shop

21 Ghim Moh Rd, Singapore 270021
Tel: +65 6899 0842

(Next to Ghim Moh Market)

ENAQ Facebook

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