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Good Value Set Lunch at Upper Place, Wangz Hotel

Set Lunch at Upper Place Rooftop Dining

Upper Place is an inviting contemporary restaurant serving modern European and fusion cuisine. Situated on the rooftop of WANGZ Hotel in Tiong Bahru, Upper Place is an easy to like restaurant – with food that is easy on the eyes and prices that are easy on the wallet. Their 3 course set lunch at $24 is a good value meal.

Set Lunch at Upper Place

The restaurant, helmed by Chef Gregory Lau, is simply but tastefully decorated. The place is elegant but casual. It is small but has the wonderful advantage of having a panoramic view. It also has a al fresco terrace, which should be ideal for drinks on a cool evening.

Upper Place Wangz Hotel


Upper Place describes itself as offering “European small plates with Asian influences”. Lobster Kueh Pie Tee, Reconstructed Laksa Rissotto and Chendol Crepes are examples of their Western dishes with the Singapore twist.

Menu Upper Place

Upper Place Menu

Menu for Set Lunch at Upper Place

Set Lunch Menu Upper Place

The 3 Course Set Lunch at Upper Place Menu is priced at 24++.  It allows a choice from of 4 starters, 4 mains and 2 desserts.


We opted for the Cold Cappellini, Sesame Crusted Tuna Tataki and the Mushroom Soup.

Starters Upper Place Restaurant

The Cold Cappellini was topped with an attractive looking soft-boiled egg. It was a good looking starter. The mixture of flavours was interesting – with the local hei bee taste contrasting with tangy wasabi based dressing.

Set Lunch Menu Upper Place

Set Lunch Upper Place Restaurant

The seared tuna was the most enjoyable of the 3 starters we tried. The tuna was nicely cooked and had just the right firmness.  The toppings of diced eggplant and herbs and the papaya puree added attractive colours to the dish as well as a myriad of different flavours.

Soup Upper Place Restaurant


The mushroom soup was served with mushrooms in a bowl brought to the table, and a creamy broth poured into the bowl in front of us. The result was a soup with truffle foam, looking  like cappuccino. It was not too rich and quite delightful.

Soup Upper Place Restaurant


For Part 2 of the set lunch at Upper Place, we selected the Pork Belly, Salmon Trout and Roasted Chicken Thigh.

Set Lunch at Wangz Hotel Upper Place

The Pork Belly was prepared with Thai chilli and lime. The chilli was not spicy but sweet. The dish was more like sweet sour pork. The pork belly was very tender. On the whole the dish was delicious.

Set Lunch at Wangz Hotel Upper Place

The baked salmon was served with a light broth. There were small radish cubes and seaweed in the broth. The ingredients combined quite well. The dish was not bad but not something memorable.

Set Lunch at Upper Place Outram

The chicken thigh was served with a colourful mix of corns and peppers on a bed of mustard polenta. The chicken meat was tender and the mustard polenta added an interesting element to the dish. The taste of mustard was subtle but it was enough to make the otherwise bland polenta more than palatable. We liked the chicken dish.

Set Lunch at Upper Place Tiong Bahru


There were only 2 dessert items on the Upper Place Set Lunch Menu – so we had both. They were beautifully plated.

Desserts Upper Place Wangz Hotel

The chocolate marquise was not as chocolaty rich as we liked it to be. However, the texture and taste of the bottom layer of the cake, which was made of raisin cookie, made up for the slight disappointment with the top layer.

Cake Upper Place Wangz Hotel

The macha parfait was definitely the better of the 2 desserts. It was made of mochi and citrus sorbet drizzled with red bean and black sesame sauce. There were so many layers of textures and flavours. Combining different parts of the dessert produced different sensations on the palate. The macha parfait was a most interesting and delightful dessert.

Desserts Upper Place Tiong Bahru

The set lunch did not include beverages but iced water and warm water were offered and served and topped up throughout the meal. We ordered coffee to go with our desserts. A regular coffee was $6 and cappuccino was $7. The coffee was quite good.

Coffee Upper Place Wangz Hotel


Our set lunch at Upper Place was a very pleasant affair. The service was friendly and efficient. The space was cosy and polished enough for a business lunch or a dinner date. We had quality food at attractive prices.  Upper Place has the upper hand when it comes to good value set lunch in the city.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs    4 tops

Upper Place
231 Outram Road
Rooftop Level
Singapore 169040

Chope Reservations

Opening Hours: 7am-10:30am, 12noon-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm

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