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Egg tarts & bolo pau from Tai Cheong Bakery Holland Village

When Tai Cheong Bakery Holland Village opened at the end of 2016, there was widespread excitement in Singapore. This Hong Kong based baker has apparently been in business for almost seven decades. During that time their egg tarts have achieved a strong following. Tai Cheong’s Singapore fans were therefore delighted when they first started selling their goodies from a Takashimaya stall. Tai Cheong Bakery Holland Village took their presence in Singapore one step further by having an actual dining location in Singapore.

To be honest we had tried a few times to try out the (then) new Tai Cheong Bakery cafe, but were deterred by the significant queues.  Even though separate queues are organised, there had been too much waiting time needed for either options.

Until recently.

We were in the area at 4 pm in the afternoon and  fortuitously, there was no queue whether for takeaway or to dine.  An impulse decision was made to buy some items  takeaway.  We decided on 4 egg tarts and 2 bolo paus.

The Tai Cheong egg tarts were packed in an attractive gift box. This will make a lovely gift to someone that likes egg tarts.  With each tart costing $1.90, this $7.60 box of four is the best gift idea that we can think of for such a budget.

The char shu bolo  paus were not so beautiful.  In fact they have a surface texture that reminded us of the skin of the Thing in the Fantastic Four. They were also not packed as beautifully. This turned out to be a tea time combination of the beauty and the beast.

The ugly bolo pau was big but light as most of it was hollow.  The skin had a slight crusty texture.  The char siu inside was dry – like a mix of char siu and pork floss. The overall taste was very good.

As for the egg tart, we can confirm that it was very good. The pastry was nice and crumbly. The egg part was very smooth.  Not too sweet. We can understand the excitement. Overall, the egg tart did live up to its reputation – it gets a “meets expectation” grade. The one that performed “beyond expectation” was the bolo pau as we did not expect much from it.  We would certainly buy both at our next visit to Tai Cheong Bakery Holland Village.


For more information on Tai Cheong Bakery and its successful journey to Singapore, you may want to read this article in the Straits Times.

Tai Cheong Bakery Holland Village
31 Lorong Liput
Singapore 277742

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Nearby MRT Station : Holland Village

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