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Mahota Commune

Mahota Kitchen 泰生厨房, part of Mahota Commune in Kitchener road, is a healthy eating restaurant serving Italian fusion food as well as Chinese hot pots (see our earlier post on Mahota Kitchen). They declare that they use “organic and natural produce and products” sourced responsibly for their restaurant. They try to serve FWB – food with benefits, something reflected in the menu of their affordably priced set lunches. We had a good set lunch at Mahota Kitchen which included some superfoods.

Mahota Restaurant Singapore

Set Lunch Menu

The Set Lunch at Mahota Kitchen is served between 11 am and 2 pm. The menu is a simple straightforward affair printed on A4 sized paper. Presumably, the items on the menu would change from time to time – hence the low cost option of a black and white printed sheet for the set lunch menu.

The Mahota set lunch consists of 3 items – Starter (option of soup or salad), Mains (option of pasta, fish or meat) and Dessert (no choice).

Set Lunch Menu at Mahota Kitchen

Water and complimentary board of bread were served soon after our order was taken.

Set Lunch Menu at Mahota Kitchen


Set Lunch Soup at Mahota Kitchen

Both of us chose the Chicken & Kale Soup for our starter on that cold wet day. It was a light hearty soup with bits of various other vegetables besides kale. The Chicken & Kale Soup tasted like homemade broth full of goodness and was perfect on a chilly day.

Kale is regarded as a superfood full of nutrients and anti-oxidants. It is also a great source of fiber, calcium and iron.

The Mains

We selected the Pan-Seared Seabream and Grilled Pork Collar for our mains. They came in good sized portions and were attractively presented.

Set Lunch at Mahota Kitchen

The Pan-Seared Seabream was served with sweet potatoes, polenta and a mix of chopped vegetables. The fish had crispy crust and buttery smooth insides. It was drizzled with cream dill sauce. Everything combined well and it was an enjoyable dish.

Sea bream has a higher fat content than other white fish and is considered as a valuable source of omega 3 fats and Vitamin B, D & E. Polenta is rich in vitamin A & C and a good source of caroteinoids.

Reasonable Set Lunch at Mahota Kitchen

Affordable Reasonable Set Lunch at Mahota Kitchen

The Grilled Pork Collar was served with baked potato complete with melting butter and bacon bits. The generous cut of pork was nicely grilled. The outside looked a little dry but the juiciness was trapped inside. The various ingredients and the sauce combined well. A good dish overall. We are not sure about the health benefits of the dish but the ingredients included leeks and capsicum – both frequently listed as superfoods.

Affordable Reasonable Set Lunch at Mahota Kitchen


The last item of the 3 course Set Lunch at Mahota Kitchen was barley pudding with red velvet ice cream. It is rather unusual for us to have barley for desserts but it seems that barley is one of the latest superfoods. Scientists think that it can help with losing weight and warding off heart disease and diabetes. Anything that tastes good and can help with losing weight works for us. The barley pudding did taste good. It was not too sweet and had a nice consistency. Together with the ice cream it was a delicious dessert. We felt even better believing that the dessert was helping us lose weight.

Good Value Reasonable Set Lunch at Mahota Kitchen

Set Lunch at Mahota Kitchen was a good meal at very reasonable price. The food prepared with quality ingredients looked good and was enjoyable. The service was efficient and the setting was pleasant. For $20.80++, the price of a starter in some restaurants, the 3 course lunch was good value for money. We must eat there more often, especially if the food there can really help us lose weight.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating:  4 TOPs   4 tops


Mahota Kitchen
809 French Road
Kitchener Complex, Level 3
Singapore 200809

Tel: +65 62958809

Opening Hours:
Weekdays :11am – 10pm
Weekends :10am – 10pm

Nearby MRT Station : Lavender

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