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Ka Soh Restaurant at Alumni Medical Centre (SGH)

Ka Soh Restaurant is an established restaurant in Singapore known for their fish soup noodles and prawn paste chicken. Earning a mention in the 2016 Singapore MICHELIN Guide (but no star), it is a restaurant (especially their outlet at Amoy Street) that is known to many who had worked in the Shenton Way area. They have another branch in Outram – in the Alumni Medical Centre which seems to be a clubhouse in SGH for the Singapore doctors. This was where we had lunch recently.

The Alumni is a stand-alone old house at the boundary of SGH (near the CTE entrance). Stepping into the building, it looked like time has stood still since the 70s.   The place looks like it has remained unchanged for a few decades.

The Ka Soh Restaurant has the old world look of Chinese restaurants of yester-years.   Simple furniture but with yellow table cloths. Some potted plans and a left over Chinese new year decoration provided some adornment.

Ka Soh Restaurant Outram

Ka Soh Restaurant

Ka Soh Restaurant Menu

The Ka Soh Restaurant Menu did not hold any surprises – very typical Chinese restaurant except that here, the Fish Soup Noodles has the headliner. Here are pictures of random pages from the menu.  We ordered the two dishes the restaurant is known for plus a couple of others.

The Signature Sliced Fish Noodles ($24) was the first to arrive. It had been sometime since we ate at Ka Soh and we were looking forward to it. But it was not what we anticipated. The soup was quite bland, without the richness that we remembered. The medium-sized serving was enough for four people to have an adequate tasting portion.

Ka Soh Restaurant Signature Sliced Fish Noodles

Ka Soh Signature Sliced Fish Noodles

The prawn paste chicken wings ($15.50) were better. As good as any har chion kai in town but not distinctive either.

Ka Soh Restaurant Prawn Paste Chicken

Ka Soh Prawn Paste Chicken

The remaining two dishes were new to us but turned out to be more interesting. The tofu ($16) had a nice taste and good tasting tofu and crunchy vegetables.

The spare pork ribs ($18.50) was the best dish of the day. Well cooked. No porky taste. Very little fatty bits. Almost char siew like but without the sweetness. This is a dish that will draw us back again.

Overall, having lunch in Ka Soh Restaurant in Alumni Medical Centre was like finding ourselves on the set of an old 1970s local movie. We had wanted to re-try the taste of the famous fish noodle soup, but that was elusive. The other items we tried that day were not bad but the pork ribs stood out as being very good.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Chope Reservations

Ka Soh Restaurant 
Outram Park
Alumni Medical Centre, 2 College Road

Tel: +65 6473 6686

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11:30-14:30
Dinner 17:30-21:30

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