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Breakfast at Crown Bakery and Cafe, Bukit Timah Road

It has been two years since Crown Bakery and Cafe opened in Crown Centre along Bukit Timah Road. Yet its popularity is still going strong. On a Saturday morning, brunch business was brisk. All the tables – indoors and outdoors were all taken.  We dropped by for a quick breakfast and were fortunate to be able to secure a table without too long a wait.

According to their website, Crown Bakery and Cafe is a collaboration between Singapore’s  Far East Flora Holdings Pte Ltd, and Japan’s artisanal bakery, Signifiant Signifié. By combining the local retail experience, Japanese baking expertise and European’s bread heritage, Crown Bakery offers European-style bread that is wholesome and pleasing to the local palate.

Which explains the French style decor and layout of the cafe.  The bakery has a retail area that displays the items available. The remaining cafe space is a small one, with some small tables indoors and outdoor for those who chose to dine-in. Apart from the usual French items like the classic baguette and croissants, they also have items with Japanese and local influence such as KOJI & Red bean anpan and Hainanese Chicken Bread. More details of their products can be found on the online shopping page of the Crown Bakery website.

Crown Bakery and Cafe menu

Here are pictures of some pages from the Crown Bakery and Cafe menu.  The range was not wide, mainly sandwiches and breakfast food.  What caught our eye was the very attractive-looking Crown Breakfast ($29) which seemed to be a ‘top hits’ compilation of the various items in the menu. We were advised that it was adequate for two and so that was what we ordered together with some coffee ($4 and $5.50 for long black and cappuccino respectively).

The Crown Bakery and Cafe operates a quasi self-service system.   We placed our order, paid  and a buzzer was given to us. It sounded about 15 minutes later and we collected our big platter of the Crown Breakfast. It was made up of seven or eight components – chicken sausage, sunny side up egg in  Crown shaped pastry, sautéed mushrooms, baked tomato and some salad.


The centrepiece of the platter was the egg inside a crown-shaped pastry.  The egg was nicely done, with the egg soft but not oozy.  The pastry was very hard and bland. We thought it was more looks than taste.

Apart from the pastry, the other components of the Crown Breakfast platter were all good.  The best item was the braised oxtail. It was as good as any we have tasted in any restaurant in recent years.  If we do visit again, we would try the bacon and oxtail stew.

Overall the breakfast platter was a good tasting dish. The only negative was that for such a large breakfast platter, there was no bread.  We did think of purchasing a separate order of bread but gave up the idea as a long line had formed at the cashier.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall : 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Crown Bakery and Cafe
557 Bukit Timah Road
Crown Centre, #01-03 (Near Coronation Plaza)
Singapore 269694

Nearest MRT Station: Botanic Gardens

Bakery & Café Hours*
7.30am — 7.00pm

*Last order at 6.00pm


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1 thought on “Breakfast at Crown Bakery and Cafe, Bukit Timah Road”

  1. Your food items are flawless however, need to improve on the coffee and hot chocolate. The latte was weak and watery, hot chocolate tasted awful (it’s the 2nd worse cup I even had).

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