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Meatless laksa at Greendot Westgate

Greendot restaurants are Asian-fusion meat-free casual dining places.  We had visited their outlet at Paya Lebar Square previously. You can read more about the Greendot restaurants and their philosophy in our previous post by clicking here.  This time I was in Jurong East and I popped into Greendot Westgate to try the item that I had been curious about – the meatless laksa by Greendot.

The outlet at Greendot Westgate is not very big. There are a few seats in the air-conditioned indoor space. Unless it is very hot, the outside tables are more pleasant and one can have a view of the pedestrian traffic on the ground floor of the  Westgate mall.

Greendot Westgate Menu

The items in the Greendot Westgate Menu were mainly noodles and rice dishes.   Rice bowls, noodles and bento boxes that can be customised. Cleverly, they have priced most of the dishes below the psychological painful barrier of $10. With the price of food court items these days, their lowest priced offering of around $7.50 is quite competitive.  If you are a student or senior citizen, there are even better deals of $6.90 that include a drink.

I am neither young nor senior and so did not qualify for any special deal.  I decided on the shiitake mushroom laksa ($7.50).  As a result of the no meat policy, the usual meat and seafood items are replaced by mushrooms and other substitutes. According to the Greedot Menu, the laksa contains noodles, shiitake mushroom, konnyaku prawn, konnyaku fishball, tau pok and beansprouts.

What in the world is Konnyaku Prawn and Konnyaku Fishball? According to one website, “Konnyaku is a taro-like potato that grows in tropical and sub-tropical Asia. Almost all of Japan’s konnyaku comes from the northern Kanto region and Gunma Prefecture in particular. Other colorful names for the potato are devil’s tongue, voodoo lily, elephant foot and snake palm.”

What I can tell you is that the  “prawns” and “fishballs” made from konnyaku had quite a realistic texture 70%,  similar to the real things.  I do not mind the substitution as the prawns used in laksa are usually not of high quality anyway.

The important thing was that the gravy of this meatless laksa was good. Just spicy enough to qualify as laksa but without burning my palette. It was a harmonious tasting dish. Those who need cockles in their laksa should however look elsewhere as I think the unmistakable taste of cockles cannot be replicated by any vegetable substitute.

Service at Greendot Westgate was prompt and courteous. A member of the staff reserves my table as I proceed to order and pay at the counter.  The food is then served to the table. Low tech, quick and effective.  It is a place to go for a quick at simple meal at Jurong East.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall : 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Greendot Westgate
3 Gateway Drive

Tel: +65 6352 4243

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
(Last order 21:00)
*Walk-ins only

Greendot Facebook

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