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Tsujiri Centrepoint (Closed)

According to the Tsujiri website, they have been making their famous green tea O-matcha for more than 150 years. The green tea is said to have soothing effects and health benefits such as anti-aging and being a good antioxidant. In Singapore they have outlets in 100 AM Tras Street, The Central and Centrepoint.  We stopped by to try their green tea ice-cream and cake at the Tsujiri Centrepoint recently.

Tsujiri Centrepoint

The Tsujiri Centrepoint outlet was tiny. The bulk of the place is taken up by the service counter and food preparation area. The remaining space provided seating for about 7 people, but with the tiniest tables and seats we have seen. Looks like the shop caters mainly for takeaways.

Here are pictures of the poster menus of Tsujiri Centrepoint. As you can see most of the items are various types of tea with different toppings, ice creams, and other dessert products.  There were a few cakes in the display that caught our attention.

Tsujiri Centrepoint

We ended up with a red bean float ($6.80),  chocolate drink ($5.60) and a slice of O-Matcha white chocolate cake ($6).  We also wanted coffee, but Tsujiri was a strictly tea place and does not sell coffee. But they were kind enough to let us go buy a cup from their neighbour, Dal.komm, whose coffee we had tried before and which we liked (you can read about it here).

We were happy to have a coffee, a chocolate drink with our tea snacks. The red bean float turned out to be wonderful. Japanese produce are always good and red bean and tea works well in their desserts and this Tsujiri product was a very good example.  Unfortunately the cake was not as good. It was quite dense, not as fluffy as we had imagined it to be. It was not bad, but we did not feel that it was any different from those from a normal cake shop.

TSUJIRI @ The Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road
#01-101 The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843

Tel: +65 6238 8224

Opening Hours:
11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Nearby MRT station: Somerset


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