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Breakfast at Soluxe Hotel Kunming

Soluxe Hotel Kunming is a modern hotel where we stayed in recently.  In line with the trend these days, it only takes up the top floors of the building.  The lobby is on the 28th floor and the hotel rooms are on the floors above that.  Since we are a food blog and not a trip adviser, we would not review the hotel. Instead we will show you what we ate for breakfast at the Soluxe Hotel Kunming.

This is a view from our hotel room. The air in Kunming is quite good. We are told that the slight haziness was not because of pollution but was a result of fog as Kunming is situated at a high altitude.  Unfortunately, this view is not available at breakfast because the breakfast restaurant is on the 6th floor.

The restaurant was rather spacious, with a mix of Chinese and modern elements in the decor.   Breakfast was served buffet style. There was a 60 : 40 mix of Chinese food and international breakfast type of food, so there was enough to cater for travellers from anywhere. The only problem was that the menu stays roughly the same everyday, so we can imagine that it will get monotonous for anyone staying more than three or four days.

The best part of the restaurant was the fresh food stations where freshly cooked eggs and noodles were made available.  As a sign of the growing popularity of coffee, there was also a Jura coffee machine grinding beans and churning out coffee by the cup. The coffee was of course better than many other breakfast buffet that prepares coffee by the jug, but the setting for coffee strength was a bit low for our taste.

Here are pictures of the international food that is common in so many hotel breakfast buffets – breads, sausages, bacon etc.

The Chinese food section was more interesting – boiled sweet potatoes, pumpkin, fried vegetables, rice, porridge etc.


Here are some of the compositions that we made from the food available. Overall the food at Soluxe Hotel Kunming was decent but not wonderful.



Soluxe Hotel Kunming

No.1 City Nanya Fengqing, No.555 Dianchi Road, Xishan District, Kunming, China

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