Buttergrill Restaurant in Tanjong Pagar

Buttergrill is a unique restaurant in Singapore that puts flavoured butter as their unique selling proposition.  According to their website,  “(n)othing compares to a good grilled meat or seafood that cooked to perfection using your choice of our handcrafted flavor butters. The grilled meat or seafood are infused with our butter goodness and packed with flavor.”  Butter does not usually dictate our choice of restaurant. But in this case, motivated by a Chope promotional deal, we made an online booking and headed down to Tanjong Pagar for lunch at Buttergrill.

The Buttergrill restaurant looks quite small. There was a sign that said there were more seats upstairs, so it is probably larger than how it looks in these photos.  Here are pictures of the Buttergrill menu which basically has two parts – mains and the tapas section.   The tapas items cost from $8 to $10 each, which made the Chope deal of five tapas (but with a  few items being excluded) for $40 seem quite attractive.

The five tapas that we selected were the stir fry button mushrooms, chicken lolli, square beef, duck breast and sambal sotong. A large glass of Hoegarden beer costs a reasonable $8.90.

The sambal sotong, duck breast and button mushrooms were the first to be served on a platter.  They looked quite pleasant in the photos, but we were not enamoured of the fact that they were served in aluminium foil containers, discoloured presumably by the heat from cooking.  Turning to the food itself, the dish that had the most buttery taste was the fried mushroom.  We found it a bit too oily.  The duck was the best of this trio. There was quite a bit of meat piled into this small container.  The duck was cooked in a sambal gravy which was pleasant but we did not really detect any special butter with this.  The sambal squid was prepared with sambal oil and chincalok which gave the dish a slight sour vinegar-type of taste.  This was our least liked dish of the day.

The best two dishes were served subsequently. The chicken lolli was the mist beautiful dish. It looked attractive despite the foil container. It was also a very good tasting dish.  Deep fried with lemon chilli oil and tossed with capsicum, it was delicious.

The square beef was slices of beef cooked with herb butter and served with some bread. This was a successful combination.  With the benefit of hindsight, if we were to do this Chope deal at Buttergrill all over again, we would just have these two items.  They are also excellent companions with the Hoegarden beer.


Food: 3

Service: 3

Value: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Overall : 3 TOPs 3 Tops

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Buttergrill Restaurant
114 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088529

Contact: +65 6221 2354

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