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What to eat at the new DBS Asia Treasures lounge, Changi Airport

The Singapore Changi Airport is generally a nice place, having won lots of awards over the years.  Within this attractive place there is an even nicer place that is a haven for those who have time to spend before the flight – the DBS Asia Treasures lounge. There is one at each of Terminals 2 and 3. The DBS Asia Treasures lounge at T2 just re-opened after some renovations and we had the chance to check it out recently.

DBS Asia Treasures lounge, Changi Airport T2

DBS Asia Treasures lounge, Changi Airport T2 Interior

In terms of customer hierarchy, DBS Asia Treasures is a step up above DBS Treasures. We think it lies somewhere in between the normal Treasures level and the private banking tiers. The DBS Website, lists out the requirements to get access to this lounge. It is quite a beautiful lounge.  Bright and modern but with some Asian touches in the decor. Most importantly there was a good spread of food and drinks awaiting.  Each Asia Treasures client can bring a guest, so its good to have such a DBS client as a travelling companion.

The drinks bar had a coffee machine and a wide selection of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Champagne, wines, whiskies, whatever your fancy and everything is of course free-flow.  The only limits are the state of the liver and the boarding time.

The food counter is equally attractive. There were fruits and snacks. A few types of hot food were available. A mix of Asian fare and Western dishes were available the day. Mind you, this is not a buffet table. Other than the snacks that you can pick up, all the main courses are prepared in the kitchen and served to the table. Only sample dishes are displayed at the counter.

DBS Asia Treasures lounge, Changi Airport T2 Food

The food changes often so that frequent travellers do not get bored. There were braised beef short ribs, stewed sea perch and vegetarian bee hoon and a couple of others when we were there. Here are some pictures of the food that we ate.  A bit of almost everything that was available that day.  We can’t remember the details of what we ate but everything was good.  Not gourmet quality but around the standard of a good hotel coffeehouse in Singapore.


One reason why we do not remember much about the details of the food is that we were also distracted by the drinks that were just as interesting as the food. Thanks to the endless champagne and Yamazaki 12, time passed very fast. Sadly we had to leave the lounge, but not before some Ben & Jerry chocolate ice cream to bring back some sobriety before we head off in search of Gate F39.


DBS Asia Treasures Lounge

We could not find the operating hours of the lounge from the DBS site. But according to the Changi Airport site, these are the DBS Asia Treasures Lounge operating hours : –

Terminal 2 – Operating hours: 6.00am to 12.00 mid-night daily
Location: Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3

Terminal 3 – Operating hours: 7.00am to 1.00am daily
Location: Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3

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