Greyhound Cafe Singapore in Paragon Orchard

Greyhound first opened its fashion store in Bangkok in 1980. In 1997, their first Greyhound Cafè opened and there are now many branches in Bangkok as well as in Malaysia and Hong Kong. Somewhat like the story of P.S. Cafe of Singapore,  their casual dining cafe was a successful extension of its fashion label. The Greyhound Café is a popular fashionable cafe which offers the same simple Thai food with creative twists.  Their Singapore outlet opened in the Paragon along Orchard Road at the end of 2016.

Greyhound Cafe Singapore

We had tried the Greyhound Cafe in Hongkong and had a good first impression of their dining concept. You can read about our visit to Greyhound HK here. We had some hesitation about going to Greyhound Sg after having read some negative comments about service on the Greyhound Cafe Singapore Facebook page. But in the end we decided to see what it was like for ourselves.

Greyhound Cafe Singapore had certainly secured a prime location on Orchard Road Ground floor on the Paragon Shopping Centre, one of the most glamorous malls in Singapore.

Greyhound Cafe Singapore Menu

The Greyhound Cafe Singapore menu is like a picture book of dishes. The items are scattered across the pages of the menu with helpful descriptions.  Here are photos of some pages from the menu. The items are mainly Thai in origin, but interpreted with some creative ways. There are also non-Thai items such as pasta dishes. Many of the dishes looked interesting. We finally settled on three items: Complicated Noodle ($16), Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls ($12) and Miss Saigon ($15).

Complicated Noodle was the strange name of this dish. I suppose it is a form of deconstructed noodle dish.  All the ingredients were served separately and the diner has to recombine them.  We were not sure what was the proper way to eat this, so we proceeded based on what we know and did it popiah-style. First the lettuce followed by the paper-thin rice noodle sheets, garnish with the Chinese parsley, add the minced pork gravy and spicy fish sauce.  A complicated procedure leading to a tasty result.

The Vietnamese rice rolls were more conventional. The best part was the thin translucent rice sheets that reminded us of fine Ipoh hor fun. We could have done with more fresh vegetables, especially the mint leaves.  But the overall dish was pretty decent, although not as good as some Vietnamese restaurants we have tried.

Miss Saigon is a dry type of bee hoon (rice vermicelli) dish. The warm bee hoon lay beneath the topping of peanut crumbs and vegetables. Prawns, fish balls, fish cake balls and a jug of sweet and sour sauce complete the dish.  We like the dish except for the fish balls which had a fishy taste. The fish cake balls were very good.  The entire dish would be better if warm sauce was provided.

Overall,we had a good experience at  Greyhound Cafe Singapore. The food was simple but presented in quite a unique way. The service was good. We had prompt attention and the servers were smiling genuinely. The restaurant was only half full when we were there and that might have presented a more relaxed atmosphere. Our only peeve was being charged $1 for each glass of warm water.

Greyhound Cafe Singapore

Food : 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Greyhound Cafe Singapore
Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, #01-25/25A
Singapore 238859

Tel: +65 6235 4078


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