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Takujo Japanese Dining at Marina Square (Closed)

Takujo Japanese Dining at Marina Square is one of the restaurants within the Emporium Shokuhin cluster of Japanese Gourmet Grocer and eight dining concepts. You can read our post which provides an overview of Emporium Shokuhin here. The Takujo Japanese restaurant seems to be the flagship restaurant in the group and looks rather grand. Fortunately for ordinary patrons, they have set lunch options that are not too taxing on the wallet.

Our first impression of the Takujo Japanese Dining was that it looked luxurious. But not because of any ornate furnishing or lavish chandeliers. No, in this case, space is the luxury. The tables are set far from each other. In fact in the inner section, there were only a handful of tables in the cavernous space. The restaurant does not look like a traditional Japanese restaurant. Its modern contemporary style can easily suit a modern European or Chinese restaurant.

Takujo Japanese Dining Menu

Here are pictures of Takujo’s Awesome Set Lunches, the Sakura Spring menu and some pages from the regular menus. We tried three of the set lunches and a few “small bites” items from the Sakura Spring menu.

We decided on the small bites without knowing what they were other than the description in the menu. The Shiromi Ponzu ($14) was a type of fish with ponzu, a citrus based sauce. In this case the fish was mainly raw and lightly seared. The ponzu was light and the overall taste was quite good.


The Sweet Miso Hotaru Ika ($9). This was described as firefly squid in the menu. We tried it out of pure curiosity. The small dish contained a few tiny raw squids with some miso sauce. The sauce was fine but the squids were very “fishy”. We did not enjoy this dish.

The wagyu croquettes ($12) was a more mainstream kind of dish -potato cutlets incorporating some beef. We like any kind of potato deep-fried, so this was a good dish.

Now we move on to the set lunch items. The USDA Prime Sirloin Steak Set ($29) was a steak with potato salad and miso soup. The steak was fine but did not have any natural taste, so it was mainly a meat dish soaking up the sauce, which was quite good.

The tempura and sushi set was the best one of the day. For $32, we get to eat a big platter of mixed tempura, a small serving of assorted sushi and a small bowl of inaniwa udon. The tempura was the best part, there were a few very big prawns. The seafood was fresh and the batter was light.  The sushi pieces were not premium sushi but good nonetheless. The inaniwa noodles was smooth and slurp-worthy.

By comparison, the Kaisen Don set ($30) was almost similarly priced but the portion was considerably smaller. Those with a smaller appetite can opt for this set lunch. What it loses in terms of quantity is made up for in quality as the raw fish topping on the rice bowl are more varied and of better quality than the sushi in the other set.  The Kaisen don also comes with a small bowl of inaniwa udon.


Overall,  the choices in the “Awesome” set lunch menu in Takujo Japanese Dining are not cheap but are certainly reasonable considering the options available. We would certainly exercise more care should we venture into the a la carte options in the future and finding out what each dish was before ordering is the lesson learnt that day.

Food : 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops


Takujo Japanese Dining
6 Raffles Boulevard #01-18 Marina Square
Singapore 039594

Tel:  +65 6812 2176

Opening Hours: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm

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