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63CELSIUS Paragon (Closed)

63CELSIUS Paragon is a new restaurant that opened recently on the 4th floor of the Paragon Shopping mall on Orchard Road. The first 63CELSIUS outlet is located at Asia Square Tower 2. We had brunch at 63CELSIUS Paragon recently.

With just a big number “63” as a signboard, it was easy to just walk past 63CELSIUS Paragon, not knowing exactly what they serve.  The prominent coffee counter and the display of wines inside gave us an impression that the 63 was a coffee and drinks kind of place. A look at the menu suggests otherwise as the list of food items at 63CELSIUS Paragon was quite extensive. Why 63? We were told that the name is based on the optimal temperature for sous vide eggs.

There are two seating areas at 63CELSIUS Paragon. The outer part enjoys the natural light from the atrium but the seating is on high stools along the coffee counter of some high tables. The inner section has comfortable chairs and looks more restaurant-like. The decor is simple and modern. I thought the design was very well done.

Coffee seems like a big part of 63CELSIUS. According to their website they have a section named 63ESPRESSO that seems to be producing different flavours of coffee flavours, for example the Chilli Mocha and Chilli Chocolate. Their coffee program is run by head barista Hairol Haron.

63CELSIUS menu

Here are pictures of the 63ESPRESSO coffee menu and the 63CELSIUS menu. We like the name they gave to the drinks menu – “the 63 Happiness Menu”.  Looks like endless happy days and happy hours at the Paragon are here!

The restaurant experience was good the moment we stopped at 63. The place was run by very nice people. Water was served promptly. Extra sharing plates and serving utensils were provided as soon as they realised we were going to share our respective orders. We really appreciate this kind of initiative. It makes our meal flow smoothly.  It increases the productively of the staff – make one trip with everything instead of multiple trips based on multiple requests. Best of all, everything was done with a smile.

The 63Breakfast ($20) was the best dish of the day. “Big breakfast” style dishes like this are quite common but this one stood out as one of the best we have tried in recent times. The scrambled eggs were light and fluffy. Each of the other items – the mushrooms, bacon, sausage were well prepared. Slightly burnt with a smoky taste. Delicious when eaten with the eggs, bread and tomatoes.

The 63Hamburger ($23) was very plain. Not attractive at all – just a simple burger with fries. We thought it was just a nice burger, but not memorable.

The French Toast ($15) was a beauty. How can anything that looks like this not taste good? Even if it was made of cardboard I would be too mesmerised by its looks to notice. Thank goodness this beauty has personality as well. Overall a very beautiful and delicious dish. If we had to nitpick, we would say that the toast should have more egg in it.

Of course we can’t eat at 63 without trying their famous coffee and so we sampled a selection ($4.2 for black, $5.15 for cappuccino and $7 for a bottle of cold brew).  We were not crazy about the cold brew which tasted rather diluted. The black and cappuccino were both good but the latter was better as the milk eliminated the slight sour taste of the coffee.

Overall, trying out the new restaurant 63CELSIUS Paragon was a good discovery. We will certainly be back!

Food: 4
Service: 5
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

290 Orchard Road
#04-09 Paragon
Singapore 238859

Chope Reservations

Tel: +65 61006363

Opening Hours:  9am-11pm

Nearby MRT Stations : Somerset, Orchard

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