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Birthday celebrations at Kith’s Cafe Marina Square

We stopped by at Kith’s Cafe Marina Square when they were celebrating their 8th birthday. They also gave us reasons to celebrate with them by offering a 20% discount (which we believe was for one day only) and some gifts – toys from the past. Since their first outlet in Park Mall, Kith’s had expanded briskly in recent times. Just as in Park Mall (which is now being rebuilt), Kith’s is located right next to designer furniture store, Xtra.

What a difference a birthday makes.  Compare the picture above taken some months and the picture below taken on our recent visit. The 20% discount and free toys had certainly livened the mood at Kith’s Cafe Marina Squ are. Right at the back of the picture are a couple of rooms which can be booked for parties. Judging from the balloons, one of the rooms had been setup for a children’s party that day. They had really chosen a good day to hold a party!

Toys from days gone by were freely offered to visitors to Kith’s cafe that day – yo-yos, spinning tops and the feathery charteks.

Here is a picture of the Kith’s Cafe Marina Square menu.  We ordered some cakes and coffee.


We munched on animal biscuits ($0.50 for a cup of 6 pieces) while waiting for the rest of the food.  The lava cake ($12) was nicely presented and the taste was wonderful. The gooey chocolate lava erupted as soon as the cake was punctured. The chocolate was rich and strong in taste.


We also tried a slice of matcha cake ($8).  It was not as pretty as the lava. In fact patches of its skin was peeling off as if it was afflicted by some skin disease.  We brought in a pink chatek to beautify the picture.  The taste of this matcha cake was just as good. The green tea taste was mild, it was slightly creamy but not heavy and very moist.

The barista on duty at Kith’s Cafe Marina Square that day should get an award for productivity.  We were seated near the coffee machine and could see that he was pushing out cups like a production line. This guy obviously is not in danger of being replaced by a machine.   In fact people like him replaces machines!   We could also see that he takes pride in his handicraft.   Our four cappuccinos ($4.5 each) were intricately decorated and all different.

Overall, an enjoyable stopover at Kith’s Cafe Marina Square. The good food and coffee was made to taste even better by the discount and the toys.  I will now go kick my new pink chatek to burn off some calories.

Food: 4
Service: 5
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Kith’s Cafe Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-49 Marina Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 039594


Chope Reservations

Tel: +65 6352 4393

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Nearby Stations: Esplanade, City Hall, Promenade

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