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Central Hong Kong Café (Wheelock Place)

There has been some negative news about Orchard Road recently. See for example the Straits Times story on 16 April 2017. We think that the recent talk about the potential demise of Orchard Road is slightly exaggerated. Of course there are many things wrong that need to be fixed.  Sky-high carpark rates is one of them.  But overall, we think that Orchard Road is (still) a fantastic place.  There must be a thousand food options in the area. Best of all, it is inclusive with something for all budgets. From swanky Michelin star restaurants to humble places for the ordinary patrons. This is where Central Hong Kong Café (Wheelock Place) comes in, a comfortable place where we can get a meal for less than $10 each.

Central Hong Kong Café (Wheelock Place) lies in the heart of Orchard Road. In the high-end building of Wheelock Place, no less. It sells traditional Hong Kong staples and street food such as wanton noodles, rickshaw noodles and fried rice rolls. The outlet at Wheelock even serves something quite strange – durian fried rice.  Its prices are also friendly to the wallet. Most items on the menu were less than $10 each.

Central Hong Kong Café (Wheelock Place) is decorated like an old coffee shop. It is not a fancy place but attractive enough to have a meal in comfort.

Here are pictures of the Central Hong Kong Café (Wheelock Place) menu. There were also some stoves at the entrance warming containers with skewers of food in soup, something like Japanese oden. We wonder what they were. There is also another small set meal menu which I did not take a photo of. We ordered two items from that menu – A HK Rickshaw Noodles (dry) set for $6.20 and a Wanton Noodle Soup for $6.90. The set menu items same with a hot drink. We selected one each of coffee and tea.

The wanton noodles were pretty decent. The noodles were crunchy. The dumplings were good and the soup had that familiar Hong Kong wanton soup taste.

The rickshaw noodle was more unusual. It basically uses the same noodles but the ingredients topping the dish were quite a hodge podge of different items – half of a sausage, a curry fishball, a piece of radish, a braised chicken wing and egg.  It was an unusual mix of things on a bowl of noodles. But it kept the meal interesting.

The food was quite decent that day but we were not crazy about the drinks. The tea was just about ok. We did not like the coffee. We would stick to tea should we try this combination another time. The total cost of our meal for two that day was $15.42 after adding in service and GST.  Overall, we thought that the sub-$8 meal was a good deal considering the nice place and location and the quality of the noodles.


Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Central Hong Kong Café (Wheelock Place)
501 Orchard Road
#B2-01 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

Opening Hours:
10:00am – 10:00pm

Tel: +65 6734 4005

Nearby MRT Station : Orchard


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3 thoughts on “Central Hong Kong Café (Wheelock Place)”

  1. set menu comes with coffee and milk tea, if can add lemon tea, it will be great.
    “車仔麵” better remove the chicken wing, not convenient to eat. can replace by fish cake, brisket or others?

  2. That is very bad resturant on a service and environment( so many , because I told them that I couldn’t eat a egg (in a breakfast) since I have a egg Sensitive. They still add a egg in a noodle, then I told them please re-cook a noodle for me. However they just took out a egg and gave me a same as noodle.

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