The places we go for the best coffee in Singapore

We have compiled this list of places to remind ourselves of the places to go for the best coffee in Singapore.  Coffee culture has really caught on in Singapore. Major chains have set up shop. Independent roasters, champion baristas have all added to the vibrant coffee scene in Singapore. Coffee used to be an afterthought,  simply a drink to complete a meal. These days, the coffee dictates where some of our friends choose to have a meal.  Looking for a place to get the best coffee in Singapore is like a search for the holy grail.

Cafes in Frankel Avenue

The overall quality of coffee in Singapore has improved significantly, places that serve bad coffee are uncommon these days.  For our favourite places that serve the best coffee in Singapore we settled on a list of coffee places that serve very good coffee in a pleasant environment and also have a special quality about them. What some may call an  ‘X-factor’.

Future Coffee

The New Black Coffee.  Having coffee at the New Black Coffee in Republic Plaza is quite an experience. It is what a coffee shop would look like in a Star Trek spaceship. Read our review here.

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Beautiful Coffee

Coffee Academics Singapore . The Coffee Academics cafe in Scotts Square is a big and beautiful place. A conducive place to try a wide range of coffee options. Read our review here.

The Coffee Academics Singapore
Happy Coffee

63Celsius. Apart from good coffee by their sidekick 63Espresso,  the new 63Celsius restaurant and coffee bar at Paragon has some of the nicest serving staff we have come across in recent months.

Cool Coffee

Chye Seng Huat Hardware. Chye Seng Huat Hardware is coffee roaster Papa Palheta’s flagship store. It adopted the name of the former hardware store that it occupies. While many cafes try hard to be cool, CSHH is cool without even trying. In fact it is a cool cafe even though it does not even sound like a cafe or look like one from the outside.  Read our review here.

Chye Seng Huat Hardaware in heritage district of Jalan Besar
CSHH bottled cold brew coffee
Hungry Coffee

Curious Palette. Many of the good coffee places we have listed here also serve good food. But there is one that stands out for their quality of food. Curious Palette not only serves some of the best coffee in Singapore,  their food is top-notch. Thinking about their food selection makes us hungry.  Read our review here.

Global Coffee

Dutch Colony Coffee. Dutch Colony Coffee in Frankel Avenue brings together a wide selection of coffee beans from different parts of the world here. Different brewing methods are available  –  by the Steampunk MOD machine or by hand brew methods including V60, Chemex, French Press, Aeropress and Woodneck.  Read our review here.

Dutch Colony at Frankel
Cafes in Frankel Avenue

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.
113 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458230

Tel: +65-6448-5852.

Floral Coffee

Stamping Ground Coffee House.  A modern shophouse at 87 Upper East Coast Road is shared by Stamping Ground Coffee House and Dawn Q. floral design.  The result is a lovely space filled with beautiful flowers where floral scent and the aroma of fresh coffee permeates. Read our review here.

Stamping Ground Cafe Siglap
Stamping Ground Cold Brew Coffee

Stamping Ground Coffee House
87 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455223

Tel: +65 9070 7610

Industrial Coffee

Toby’s Estate. Occupying a riverside warehouse that has been transformed into a roasting plant and cosy cafe, Toby’s is probably one of the earliest cafe in Singapore that really focuses on the coffee. Read our review here.

Toby’s Estate Singapore
8 Rodyk Street #01-03/04
Singapore 238216

Tel: 6636 7629

restaurants for ladies who lunch

We hope you find our list of the best coffee places in Singapore useful. As we continue our journey, we will add new discoveries onto this list.  Cheers!

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