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Vinil Restaurant and other Girona food places 2017

This is the last of our stories on the Girona food and restaurants that we tried in 2017.   The earlier restaurants we had written about – El Cellar de Can Roca, Mimolet and Bubbles were planned in advance. Today, we write about the Vinil Restaurant and other food and beverage places in Girona that we came across during our trip. Except for Rocambolesc (which is on the other side of the river near Plaza de la Independencia) they are all in the centre of the Girona old town, within walking distance from the main tourist places such as the Jewish Quarter and the Cathedral. The small city of Girona was a treasure trove of food places. Our short trip there can be summarised as a case of too many things to eat, too little time.

Vinil Restaurant

We were drawn to this restaurant as it was bustling during lunchtime.  The small dining space was almost filled up.  We joined them and tried the 19.50€ Saturday Set Lunch Menu that includes water, bread and a glass of wine.  The food was nothing fanciful but good. Only the dessert was quite average.

VINIL Restaurant

Carrer de la Cort Reial, 17
17004 Girona

Tel: +34 972 216 440

Facebook Page

Chilled Leek Soup
Stir fried egg with garlic shoots and toast
Mushroom and garlic risotto
Chicken with prunes and pine nuts (traditional Catalan dish)
Fresh fruits
La Terra

We had to stop by at La Terra as it had been mentioned in many travel guides on Girona food. It is known for its traditional decor and the view of the Onyar River.   There was no space for anything substantial and so we just had coffee and a slice of carrot cake. We must admit the place had a lot of atmosphere. It sits on the bank of the river and naturally has a view of it, but the houses directly on the other side are not the most attractive and we can think of better places to enjoy the view.  It is however a nice place to take a break. The cappuccino and cake (1.95 and 2.90€ respectively) were very good.  We realised later that their cakes are from a popular bakery and cafe Casamoner, a place we did not have chance to sample but we have some pictures of it below.

La Terra

Ballesteries 23, 17004 Girona, Spain
+34 972 21 92 54

La Terra Girona Menu
La Terra Girona carrot cake and cappuccino

Casamoner is a bakery and cafe in Girona that we passed by but did not have a chance to eat there. On our to-do list for the next trip.

Santa Clara, 45 17001 Gerona 
Tel: +34 972427343


Martina Sweet Cakes

Martina Sweet Cakes was the prettiest shop in Girona that we came across. How could we resist not checking it out?  The interior is as nice as what the exterior suggests.  It was like entering someone’s home in the countryside.  The place was clean, beautiful and open. Baking was taking place in the homely kitchen. We tried an orange juice and a xuixo which is apparently a Girona snack.   It was a pleasant snack with an external pastry that looks like frosted doughnut and an egg custard core. What was memorable was the attractiveness of this cafe and the warm service of the ladies running it.

Martina Sweet Cakes

Força 1, 17004 Girona, Spain
Tel: +34 972 29 68 36


Espresso Mafia

Espresso Mafia is another of those places that called out to us as we walked past.  It turned out to be a serious coffee place. They even roast their coffee on the premises.   The owner is apparently a professional cyclist.  Girona is like a major hub for cycling enthusiasts so this place gets a lot of support from fellow cyclists. We saw some fierce bikes parked outside.  We tried the coffee and an unusual snack in the shape of a ball (the name of which escapes me now).  It is not pretty but tasted okay.  I think it is compressed dried fruits and tasted of prune and raisins.  Great coffee but the ball snack was like eating compressed prunes.

Espresso Mafia

C/ Cor Reial, 5
Girona, Spain
Tel: +34 633 07 80 75

Montse l’Artesana

Montse l’Artesana is a quaint looking shop a few steps away from the Espresso Mafia. It sells xurros or churros. They are available in two shapes, the more often seen long strips and the more unusual round ones that look like a doughnut that does not have a hole.  There are some seats inside and outside the shop. Best to eat them fresh while hot. We think this place and Espresso Mafia should merge and we can have their wonderful coffee with these yummy churros.

Montse l’Artesana

C/Cort Reial 9 , Barri Vell
17004 Girona, Spain
Tel +34 972 39 62 57



Rocambolesc Gelateria is part of the big (and expanding) culinary empire of the three Roca brothers. Started by the youngest Roca brother who is the dessert specialist at El Cellar de Can Roca, Rocambolesc Gelateria is a chain of ice-cream shops.  It was the only shop along the street that had a queue.  With their reputation and 3 Michelin  Star background we half expected the ice cream to be pricey, but that turned out to be not the case. A simple cone costs 2.90€. We tried a large cup with 3 toppings that costs 4.20€. It was delicious.

Rocambolesc Gelateria

Carrer de Santa Clara 50 17001 Girona

+34 972 416 667


This is the end of our eating stories on the Girona food and restaurants that we tried in 2017. Tomorrow, we go to Barcelona.



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