Korean Cafe Ice Lab – Bingsu and Desserts on Orchard Road (Closed)

Ice Lab Cafe is an impressive Korean cafe along Orchard Road that has a wide range of Korean shaved ice dessert, bingsu on its menu. It is a large cafe with a wide Orchard Road frontage. It has probably been opened for more than a year but we have not had a chance to try it. I think it is probably because it lies on a part of Orchard Road that we seldom walk past. Orchard Shopping Centre is a building just next to Somerset 313 but I don’t remember ever stepping foot in it until  our visit to Ice Lab.  If my grey cells are not wrong (and they often are), I believe the place used to be occupied by a store known as Mohan’s Department Store.

The cafe looked even bigger when we got inside. The place was not only wide, it was quite deep. The most interesting part of the decor was the cute polar bear in the centre of the restaurant. To keep him cool, a snow making machine rains snow on him continuously.  The counter space in front of the bear is popular. It must be nice to eat bingsu in front of a polar bear and falling snow.

In addition to bingsu, there are other kinds of desserts, such as cookies, cakes and a limited selection of hot food like pizza and toast.

The yogurt bingsu on display

We were focused on the bingsu or bingsoo as it is described here at Ice Lab Cafe. A wide variety was available and to help customers decide, a line-up of life-sized bingsoo samples (plastic of course) was on display. The poster menu also contained pictures of the different bingsoo. Being quite superficial people, we selected the one we wanted purely on its looks. The yogurt bingsoo ($16.90) was the chosen one as we thought it was the most attractive.

When the yogurt bingsoo arrived, we were somewhat disappointed. Whereas the displayed and photographed one had lots of fruit and colour, ours was mostly a snow mountain with a few blueberries in the crater and some strawberries in the lowlands.

We had to dig deep to uncover some positive characteristics of our bingsu. It is fair to say that if we overlooked the low fruit count and diminished appearance, this was actually a decent bingsu. The shaved ice was the finest that we have sampled in Singapore.  The quality of the ice is like powder snow and as good as those we tried in Seoul. Hidden inside the snow are some chewy pieces which are quite nice. Frozen yogurt can also be found inside. This yogurt did not look as beautiful as its advertised pictures but we found that it had some nice bits underneath. Which goes to show that sometimes, beauty can be more than skin deep.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Ice Lab Cafe
Orchard Shopping Centre
321 Orchard Road #01-01/02
Singapore 238866

Nearby MRT Station : Somerset


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