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Weekend brunch at new restaurant Summerlong at Quayside (Closed)

We had brunch at new restaurant Summerlong at Quayside despite the warning from respected food critic Wong Ah Yoke about thumping music and sweltering heat in his review, “Summerlong – A buzzy Mediterranean restaurant with Middle Eastern influences” (ST 4 June 2017). We figured that we could be from a different demographic and therefore be more receptive towards thumping music.  If we went early, we could beat the crowds and the heat of the Singapore afternoon sun. It turned out that we were partially right.

The new Summerlong Restaurant is on the ground floor of the building known as The Quayside along the Singapore River at Robertson Quay. Do not confuse this with the restaurant cluster in Sentosa called Quayside Isle.  When we first got there, we thought we had got it right. Yes, the lounge music that was played was louder than the usual background muzak but we would not say it was thumping. In fact we found it quite nice and in keeping with the seafront resort feel. It was a bit like being in the lobby of the W Hotel, which also plays this kind of music. The temperature was also bearable despite the lack of air-conditioning.

But our joy did not last long as the crowds started filling in after 11.30 am. People were talking increasingly louder to be heard over the music and each other. It was a vicious circle. In the end, we tend to agree with Mr Wong that it was quite a noisy place although it was not the music that bothered us. The temperature remained acceptable, as long as you come prepared with light casual clothing.

Summerlong Menu

Here are pictures of the Summerlong Menu for brunch and drinks list.

Our lunch started off with the roasted sweet potato humus and flat bread ($7). The humus was creamy and tasty. A good idea to order this to have something to nibble on while waiting for the main dishes.

The remaining dishes took about another 20 minutes. They all arrived at about the same time.

The avocado toast and fried egg ($15) would probably be good for those with a small appetite as it was a small piece of toast topped with the egg. The avocado bits were quite small. The avocado and various sauces had seeped through the toast, such that it was soft, almost soggy, by the time it arrived.


The scotch egg ($19) was the best dish of the day. This one was different from others that we have tried recently in that it was well coated with a mix of spices. This was another light dish but it was very tasty.

Our final dish was fried chicken, an ordinary item except that it came with three kinds of dips. We liked the mint sauce the best.  The chicken was also very well prepared – crispy skin and moist meat inside.

Summerlong serves a decent coffees ($5 and $4  for cappuccino and black respectively).

We thought that the brunch menu at Summerlong was quite limited. The taste of the food was good but not exceptional. The portions were small. The place was tastefully furnished. We thought we could get around the two other issues that Wong Ah Yoke had highlighted in his review. We managed to get around the heat by being there early in the day. But the noise did hamper our enjoyment of brunch.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

​Summerlong @ Quayside
60 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238252

Tel:   +65 6235 1225

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