Blue Jasmine Thai Restaurant in Park Hotel Farrer Park

The newly opened Blue Jasmine Thai Restaurant is located in Park Hotel Farrer Park.   This new hotel is conveniently located atop the Farrer Park MRT station and right next to the Farrer Park Hospital. A stone’s throw away from the bustling Little India district off Serangoon Road, it faces competition from the large number of dining options in the area as well as the restaurants in the Connexion Owen Link complex.

The Blue Jasmine Thai Restaurant is located on the fifth floor of Park Hotel. The swimming pool is just in front of it.  There is a spacious al fresco area outside.

The indoor dining area was pleasantly decorated in a bright contemporary style.  The space is used as a restaurant that serves the hotel breakfast in the morning.

Blue Jasmine Thai Restaurant Menu

The menu of Blue Jasmine Thai Restaurant is a simple one – just two pages but it is varied enough to contain the usual Thai restaurant classics such as the green curries and tom yum as well as some less common items such as shisamo fish and orange curry sting ray.

Here is a bird’s-eye view of the dishes we ordered.  They were all served at roughly the same time which was quite overwhelming. We must remember to request them to stagger the serving of the items the next time.

The prawn doughnuts ($12) were like potato cutlets with minced up prawn, deep-fried. It was a nice tasting appetizer. If only they had served this before all the other dishes so that we could slowly savour them.

We like the clean clear taste of the prawn tom yum ($20). The broth was tasty and well-balanced – not too sour or spicy.  But the prawns were overcooked.

The most interesting dish was the dancing crispy sea bass ($28).  The fish had been de-boned and the pieces of meat separated and deep-fried.  It came with a dip made up of sauces and salad.  A convenient way of eating fish.

The duck red curry ($24) was a generous portion of sliced of duck breast.  The orangey red curry was more sweet than spicy. The fruits in the curry – pineapple and grapes complemented the duck taste. A very pretty and delicious dish.

The fried vegetables with tofu ($14) was a basic dish but was well received by all.

Four kinds of rice were available at Blue Jasmine Thai Restaurant.  We tried all four ($2 each).  The steamed jasmine rice was the usual type of Thai rice.  The blue jasmine rice tasted the same as the normal jasmine rice. The colouring only made it look better.  The organic multi-grain was hard and undercooked and so we exchanged it for jasmine rice.  The best one was the sticky glutinous rice. It was presented differently with a banana leaf cover.

Blue Jasmine Desserts

We tried two of the desserts.  The mango and sticky rice ($14) and the red ruby ($12). The sticky rice was coloured blue. It looked so pretty together with the golden glow of the mango.  The mango was sweet and smooth.  The flavour of the two main components combined so well. The cream and the crunchy topping made it even better.

The quantity of red rubies in the dessert was low. It seemed more like an ice-cream with the water-chestnut red rubies as the toppings.  It was a good dessert (who doesn’t like ice-cream with fruit toppings) but we would have preferred the rubies to be more prominent.

Overall, Blue Jasmine Thai Restaurant is a new restaurant that is quite out-of-the-way. We think it is worth the trip to Farrer Park to try some Thai cuisine that is quite nicely done with some creative elements.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Chope Reservations

10 Farrer Park Station Road
Level 5
Park Hotel Farrer Park
Singapore 217564

Operating days: Tuesday to Sunday
Operating hours: 11:30am to 5pm

Last order for same-day delivery: 3:30pm
Last delivery timing: 5pm
Last order for same-day pick-up: 3pm
Last pick-up timing: 4:30pm

Tel: +65 6824 8851


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