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The Coffee Belt Park Hotel, Farrer Park (Closed)

This is a short post about The Coffee Belt, a little cafe on the lobby floor of the Park Hotel Farrer Park. We were pleasantly surprised to discover this small cosy place for coffee, drinks and snacks in this area near Little India.

The Coffee Belt at Park Hotel Farrer Park

The Coffee Belt takes up only a small corner of the lobby on the ground floor of Park Hotel Farrer Park. They have a small range of food options such as salad, sandwiches and waffles. The display case contained some tempting dessert specimens. But we were not tempted that day. Having just eaten elsewhere, we only had coffee and tea there. Here are pictures of the Coffee Belt menu and wine list.

The coffee ($5.50 each) was nicely decorated and tasted very good. Their Signature Masala Chai ($5.50), a flavoured tea beverage of black tea and a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs, came with a cinnamon stick as a stirrer.  It was a a refreshing cup of spiced tea and an interesting change from our usual coffee and tea.

The best thing was that the place was empty that day.   Peace and quiet goes well with the coffee at Park Hotel.

The Coffee Belt at Park Hotel Alexandra

The Coffee Belt Park Hotel Alexandra

We had also visited The Coffee Belt at Park Hotel Alexandra previously. Located on the ground floor hotel lobby, it was then a takeaway counter with a sleek attractive design. Park Hotel Alexandra. They had since added a few small tables for dine in patrons.

The Coffee Belt Park Hotel Alexandra

Hot and cold beverages as well as muffins, salad and sandwiches were available for takeaway. Their coffee, brewed from Toby Estate beans, was good.

The Coffee Belt Park Hotel Alexandra

The Coffee Belt Park Hotel Farrer Park
10 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217564

Tel: +65 6824 8888

The Coffee Belt Park Hotel Alexandra Park
323 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159972

Tel: +65 6828 8880

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