Pretty Abbie’s Coffeehouse at Havelock II

Abbie's Coffehouse

The grammarians and legal draughtsmen may not like the title “Pretty Abbie’s Coffeehouse”. They will say that it is not clear whether we are saying that Abbie is pretty or her coffeehouse is pretty. Well, in the case of Abbie’s Coffeehouse it really does not matter. We think the coffeehouse looks pretty and so does the owner, Abbie Tok.

Abbie's Coffeehouse

White and bright with sleek coffee making equipment, Abbie’s Coffeehouse on the second level of Havelock II Retail Mall is a small trendy Instagram worthy cafe. There is a feminine touch to the clean modern decor. We are not so sure about the pastel coloured floor sofas but they do add a “cute factor” to the place.

Abbie's Coffehouse

We did not get to meet Abbie Tok, the owner of Abbie’s Coffeehouse. However, we presumed she was the girl in the posters in the cafe. The young lady in the posters was easy on the eye.

Abbie Tok's Coffeehouse

Abbie Tok's Coffeehouse

Coffee Appreciation Workshop, Basic Barista Course and Latte-Art Classes are conducted on the premises. The space is also an event venue. That we think explains the “Cafe X Studio” signs in the cafe.

Abbie's Coffehouse

Abbie’s Coffeehouse was formerly known as Slayer Coffee, which made its name as a specialty mobile coffee catering service – setting up pop-up coffee bar at weddings, parties and corporate events.

Abbie’s Coffeehouse is still essentially a beverage bar for takeaway, but with a few tables for patrons who like to sit down and enjoy a leisurely drink. There are a few items of desserts to go along with the beverages.

Abbie's Coffehouse Menu

Abbie's Coffehouse Menu

Abbie's Coffeehouse - Slayer Coffee

On the Saturday we visited Abbie’s Coffehouse, they had run out of desserts. We ordered a long black ($4.50) and the special Earl Grey cafe latte ($5). The drinks were carefully brewed. It took a while for the coffee to be ready. The black coffee was light and delicate with a slight acidic taste. The Earl Grey cafe latte was syrupy and well-rounded with just the right tinge of lavender and bergamot.

Abbie's Coffeehouse Saturday's Specials

Abbie's Coffeehouse Cake

While we were enjoying our coffee, we were served a small piece of matcha infusion cheesecake. The friendly staff explained that they had sold out their cakes but had a few small sample portions and she wanted us to try the cake. We were glad that she let us sampled the cheesecake. It was delicious. There was a layer of cheese and a layer of matcha on top of a cookie crust base. The cake was well balanced, with sufficient density but not too heavy. There was just a hint of green tea notes. Overall we had a enjoyable experience at Abbie’s Coffeehouse.

Abbie's Coffeehouse at Havelock II

The menu is limited but – with good coffee, delectable cheesecake, cheery staff and a very pleasant space – Abbie’s Coffeehouse is a delicious place for a coffee break.

Abbie's Coffeehouse at Havelock

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops


Abbie’s Coffeehouse
Havelock II, #02-14
2 Havelock Road
Singapore 059763

Nearby MRT Station: Clarke Quay

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