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Dining Place By Chef Heman, Centrepoint (Closed)

Dining Place By Chef Heman is a new Chinese restaurant in Centrepoint mall on Orchard Road, Singapore.  According to a 13 Sep 2016 New Paper article,  Chef Heman is an outstanding person. Overcoming serious personal setbacks earlier in life, the 48-year-old chef is now a celebrated culinary artist, ceramicist and triathlete. He was previously the executive chef of the JP Pepperdine Group, which operates restaurants such as Jack’s Place. He was appointed chief culinary officer of the Soup Restaurant Group in late 2016.

Dining Place By Chef Heman is located in Basement 1 of Centrepoint. Our brief conversation with the staff suggested that the restaurant is related to the Royal London Duck restaurant at Mandarin Gallery. Which explains why the decor looked similar.

Dining Place By Chef Heman Menu

Dining Place By Chef Heman serves mainly roast meats, noodles and dim sum.  Here are pictures of parts of the order form.   The Dining Place By Chef Heman menu features nice glossy photos of the specials dishes, but our pictures did not turn out well.   Interestingly, they also have beauty collagen soup on the menu. It is type of soup we badly need, but we only wanted a light meal that day and so opted for two dishes which looked interesting.

The Signature XO Mushroom Bamboo Noodles with 6 Treasure Box ($13.99) was an interesting dish that looked nice in the menu. The noodles with an onsen egg were served in an attractive wooden box with six small compartments containing tiny portions of roast pork, chicken foot, roast duck, pork ribs, tofu and char siew.

The noodles were quite ordinary but tasted better when mixed with the gooey onsen egg yolk. The accompanying side dishes did not create much of an impression. The best of the lot was the chicken foot which looked hideous but was flavourful.

Our other dish at Dining Place By Chef Heman was Irish Fat duck with Goma sauce ($13 for a quarter bird). This was a good roast duck but was not very memorable. Service at the restaurant was friendly and attentive.


Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Dining Place By Chef Heman
The Centrepoint #B1-11/12
176 Orchard Road
Singapore 238843

Tel: +65 6732 1188

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