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DBS Bettr Barista – serious bank meets hip cafe

This is a picture taken of a place in Plaza Singapura. Is it the entrance to: (A) a cafe selling fancy coffees and cakes or (B) a bank? The correct answer is B. The DBS Branch at Plaza Sing has taken on a new look. The front part of the branch looks like a hip cafe called DBS Bettr Barista. It is apparently a partnership of the bank with an organisation known as Bettr Barista.

The DBS Bank branch at Plaza Singapura has been there since as far back as we can remember. Reopened after months of renovation, this DBS branch has metamorphosed into a banking outlet like no other in Singapore. Now we show you a fuller picture of the entrance. The big DBS logo ensures that customers know they are at the right place. But it was clear that many were amused, impressed or at least curious about this new look. Handphone cameras were out in force clicking away (ourselves included).

According to the DBS website, social enterprise Bettr Barista Coffee Academy not only trains disadvantaged youth and women to brew coffee, but coaches them in personal resilience too.

Going further into the branch we find the familiar ATMs and a coin machine but they are surrounded by unfamiliar type of decor. The banking hall itself was closed when we were there. Peeking through the glass doors, it seems to have the same industrial / barnyard decor style.

Heading back to front part of the branch,  the service area of DBS Bettr Barista looks similar to a typical specialist coffee joint like Starbucks. A mighty coffee machine takes centre stage. A glass walled chiller stores cakes and salads.  A cappuccino costs $4.50 and a muffin costs $2.90 which is reasonable for this part of town.

 DBS Bettr Barista Plaza Singapura

DBS Bettr Barista Menu

Here are pictures of the DBS Bettr Barista coffee and food menus. The food and drink combos look interesting. How was the food at DBS Bettr Barista? We did not get a chance to try the food that day. We were only there to use the ATM but, as you can see, we got seriously distracted. Whether the banking hall itself should have such a casual look is a matter of taste, but it is good to see a big bank teaming up with a social enterprise for a good cause.

Menu Bettr Barista Menu


DBS Bettr Barista Plaza Singapura

There is a 20% discount for cashhless payments using DBS/POSB cards or Paylah.

DBS Bettr Barista

DBS Bettr Barista

PS : There is another DBS Bettr Barista at *Scape.  This one looks even more funky.

DBS *SCAPE DBS Bettr Barista

DBS *SCAPE DBS Bettr Barista
DBS *SCAPE DBS Bettr Barista


DBS Bettr Barista Plaza Singapura


DBS Bettr Barista
Plaza Singapura Branch
68 Orchard Road #B1-25 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut

2 Orchard Link
#02-08 *SCAPE
Singapore 237978

Nearrest MRT Station: Somerset


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