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Sungei Road Laksa – $3 Laksa at Jalan Berseh

The Sungei Road flea market might be gone but fortunately the $3 Sungei Road Laksa stall is still around and doing a thriving business. With only one thing on the menu, this laksa stall in an old style coffeeshop is as traditional as it gets. It still uses charcoal fire. Its laksa is old fashioned goodness. Sungei Road Laksa is famous and popular without having to call itself famous. The usual long queue at the stall is probably its best endorsement.

$3 Sungei Road Laksa

Sungei Road Laksa at Jalan Berseh

Sungei Road Laksa is situated in Block 27 Jalan Berseh (not Jalan Besar). It is a stall in a coffeeshop occupying the ground floor of the block in Kelantan Court with a surface car park right in front. Sungei Road Laksa (结霜桥叻沙) is not to be confused with Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa (著名结霜桥三轮车叻沙), which is situated in Hong Lim Food Centre in Upper Cross Street. In fact, Sungei Road Laksa has a “declaration” on its signboad saying “There is no other branch for Sungei Road Laksa”. The family that runs Sungei Road Laksa is rightly proud of their stall.

Sungei Road Laksa

Sungei Road Laksa sells only a single item – laksa for $3 per bowl. The stall is usually manned by three ladies, sometimes 4, and an older gentlemen (presumably the father). They have an efficient production line system. One of the ladies takes the order, another puts the ingredients into bowls and the third fills the bowls with the laksa broth scooped out of a large traditional pot heated over charcoal fire. As they only sell one item and can prepare each bowl very quickly, the queue moves along and you never have to wait too long in line.

$3 Sungei Road Laksa

Sungei Road Laksa

Sungei Road Laksa serves their laksa in a small bowl with a spoon only – no chopsticks. The bee hoon are cut into short lengths so that you can scoop them up with just the spoon.

Sungei Road Laksa - cheap and good

The laksa comes with a generous amount of cockles, fish cakes and bean sprouts. It is topped with shredded laksa leaves. The orange gravy is light with the nice taste and aroma of spices and coconut milk. The laksa broth is just mildly spicy. Chilli is placed on the side for the bowl for you to stir into the gravy as you please. The chilli adds an extra punch to the gravy.

The small bowl of laksa is delicious and one bowl may not be enough.

Cheap and good Sungei Road Laksa at Jalan Berseh

Sungei Road Laksa is traditional hawker fare prepared and served in the good old way. They have no franchise and no branches. They just do one thing and do it well. Sungei Road Laksa is simple delicious hawker food. Cheap and good – Singapore food worth queuing up for.

Cheap and good Sungei Road Laksa

Food: 4
Service: NA
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops



Sungei Road Laksa (结霜桥叻沙)
Blk 27 Jalan Berseh #01-100
Singapore 200027


Opening Hours: 9.00am to 6.00pm
Closed On Every First and Third Wednesday Of the Month


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