Our Tampines Hub Restaurants, Cafes & Other Food Places

One of the  dictionary definitions of “Hub” is “the central or main part of something where there is most activity“. There is little doubt that Our Tampines Hub (OTH) is going to be the central part of Tampines with the most activity. There is so much to see and do in OTH.

Our Tampines Hub

In Singapore, most activities will involve food in some way. A good array of Restaurants, Cafes & Other Food Places Our Tampines Hub should ensure that those going to OTH – whether to watch a game, visit government agencies, participate in sports or window shop – will have no lack of food options.

Our Tampines Hub

Our Tampines Hub is an integrated community and lifestyle hub that offers a very diverse range of services, programmes and facilities. It is located at the former Tampines Stadium and Tampines Sports Hall and is home to Tampines Rovers FC.

Tampines Rovers - Our Tampines Hub
Stadium - Our Tampines Hub


The food and beverage options at Our Tampines Hub is as diverse and interesting as the range of facilities and amenities there. There are the old familiar names as well as new concept restaurants. Most of the Our Tampines Hub restaurants and cafes are open from 10 am to 10 pm and there are a few which operates 24 hours a day.

Our Tampines Hub Festive Mall Dining Directory

Our Tampines Hub Festive Mall Dining Directory
Our Tampines Hub Festive Mall Dining Directory

Our Tampines Hub Festive Mall Dining Directory

Many Our Tampines Hub restaurants and eating places have received halal-certified status. Based on the recent list of Halal-certified Eating Establishments on MUIS website, halal-certified outlets include Common Ground, Encik Tan, KFC, My Briyani House, Qi Ji, Saap Saap Thai, Tenderfresh and Wingstop.

New Dining Options announced in October 2020 – Our Tampines Hub Facebook Page

Food Court

On level 1 of OTH is a big food court or hawker centre. Hawker Centre @ Tampines Hub by Kopitiam has more than 40 stalls and about 800 seats.

Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre
Our Tampines Hub Food Court
Tampines Hub Hawker Centre
OTH Hawker Centre

All the usual hawker stalls – like fish ball noodles, duck rice and bak kut teh – are represented in the Hawker Centre @ Our Tampines Hub. International cuisines like Thai food, pastas and Japanese curry rice can also be found there.

OTH Hawker Centre
OTH Food Court

Level 2 Restaurant

Eighteen Chefs Our Tampines Hub

Eighteen Chefs serves good quality Western food at an affordable price.


Tel: +65 6214 9655



Level 1 Restaurants & Cafes

Commonground @ Our Tampines Hub
Our Tampines Hub Restaurants & Cafes

Common ground has a comprehensive menu comprising salads, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, grilled meats and desserts; as well as ice creams by Udders and take home soup packs by The Soup Spoon for takeaways.




eatz 19 @ Our Tampines Hub

Eatz 19 serves Asian fusion food like Sweet & Sour Dory, Mediterranean Beef Pita and Szechuan Chicken Pasta. They have very reasonable priced set meals from $10.80.


Tel: +65 6222 2006


Website | Facebook Page

Encik Tan
Encik Tan

Encik Tan serves rather good local hawker food at very reasonable prices of around $4 to $5. A kaya toast, eggs and coffee breakfast set is also available. see Encik Tan @ Kallang Wave.




KFC Our Tampines Hub
Pizza Hut Our Tampines Hub

KFC. KFC Coffee. Pizza Hut Express are in Our Tampines Hub; and you can buy Pizzas round the clock.




Mr Bean @ OTH

Mr Bean now has more than just soya milk and pancakes. Riceballs, ice cream and even porridge are on its menu.




MOS Burger | #01-85 | Website

Niigatta Bento | #01-86 | Website

Saap Saap Thai
Saap Saap Thai Menu

Saap Saap Thai is a new Thai Specialty Concept featuring the signature Australian Beef Boat Noodles and Street-side Fried Chicken, Stir Fried Rice Dishes, Thai Noodles, Spicy Salad, Desserts and other familiar Thai dishes.


Facebook Page

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at Tampines

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant renowned for its quality and authenticity of its Sichuan and Cantonese dishes is good for more formal business lunch or a good meal with the family. Read about our visits to other Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant here and here.



Starbucks Coffee at Our Tampines Hub

Starbucks Coffee at Our Tampines Hub is open 24 hours a day.



Our Tampines Hub Restaurant Tenderfresh Classic

Tenderfresh Classic serves its classic Fried and BBQ Spring Chickens and Chicken Wings as well as a wide selection of western grills and pasta, pizzas and salads.



Basement 1 Food Kiosks & Other F&B Outlets

NTUC Fairprice Our Tampines Hub

Basement 1 of OTH is like a typical food hall of shopping mall. It is anchored by NTUC Fairprice Supermarket which is a 24/7 outlet. There are many food kiosks and several sit down restaurants and cafes.

Ah Khoo (阿姑)
Ah Khoo (阿姑)

Ah Khoo Kopi Toast is a new brand by Han’s offering a modestly priced menu of coffee, snacks and one dish meals like curry chicken rice, pork chop rice, beef stem and laksa.


Facebook Page

Hei Sushi

Hei Sushi is a halal Japanese belt Sushi restaurant serving reasonably priced halal Japanese cuisines.



Rumah Makan Minang

Rumah Makan Minang offers Indonesian home-style food and specialises in Minangkabau cuisine like Nasi Padang and Beef Rendang




Bistro Bowl #B1-48/49/50
Bistro Bowl #B1-48/49/50

Bistro Bowl is within the premises of the Orchid Bowl bowling alley. It has finger food sweet potato fries and chicken nuggets.


The other familiar names and interesting food kiosks in B1 of OTH includes:

99 Nonya Kueh #B1-K14/K15

99 Nonya Kueh #B1-K14/K15

Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling

Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling #B1-K16

Nam Kee Bao/Hongkong Egglet

Nam Kee Bao & Hongkong Egglet #B1-K10/K11

Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee #B1-42

TBC - Toko Burgers and Cheesesteaks

TBC – Toko Burgers and Cheesesteaks #B1-43

Polar Puffs & Cakes

Polar Puffs & Cakes #B1-44

Qiji Express

Qiji Express #B1-K7



The Saladbox

The Saladbox  #B1-K4/K5

Churros Republic #B1-K28

Facilities at OTH

Here are a few photos to show the wide range of facilities in Our Tampines Hub.

Our Tampines Hub Directory
Library at Our Tampines Hub
Public Service Centre OTH
Wellness Centre at Our Tampines Hub
Cooking Studio in Wellness Centre
Cooking Studio in Wellness Centre
Medical Facilities at Our Tampines Hub
Rooftop running track at Our Tampines Hub
Rooftop running track at Our Tampines Hub
Our Tampines Hub Directory

Car Park at Our Tampines Hub

There 1400 sheltered car park lots in the basement. There are car park entrances at Tampines Avenue 4, Tampines Avenue 5 and Tampines Street 82. Current car park charges are $0.02 per minute and $2.40 per entry from 6 pm to 12 midnight. Parking is free from 12 noon to 2 pm on weekdays.

Our Tampines Hub

Our Tampines Hub
1 Tampines Walk
Singapore 528523

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