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Best Sang Har Mee in PJ, and some say Malaysia

When we visited Malaysia recently, a local told us that the best Sang Har Mee in Petaling Jaya was to be found in Restoran Green View. There were even those who said  that Green View had the Best Sang Har Mee in Malaysia. We took a trip out to PJ to try Green View’s Sang Har Mee and was not disappointed.

Restoran Green View in Petaling Jaya

Restoran Green View

Petaling Jaya or PJ is about 20 km from Kuala Lumpur city centre. The drive out to PJ can take about 20 minutes, or 1 hour, depending on the traffic condition. Restoran Green View in PJ is well known for freshly cooked seafood dishes but is really famous for its signature  Sang Har Mee.

Restoran Green View in PJ

Restoran Green View

The restaurant occupies a few units of shophouses. One of the unit houses a non-air conditioned dining area. The space is as basis as it gets. Restoran Green View has a large air-conditioned dining hall. It is a functional space.

Restoran Green View in Petaling Jaya

Restoran Green View’s menu include all the usual seafood restaurant items. The more popular dishes are prominently displayed on light-boxes in the walls.

Restoran Green View Menu

Restoran Green View Menu

Restoran Green View Menu

We ordered the must try Sang Har Mee (RM 65) and Pumpkin Beancurd (Rm 18.87). A 5% service charge and 6% GST would be added to the bill. The price of the Sang Har Mee was based on the weight of the prawns. Our bill said that the weight for our order was 0.25 kg.

The food was served after only a few minutes after the order was taken. The presentation was quite good.

Restoran Green View Sang Har Mee

Sang Har Mee features large fresh water prawns (or Sang Har in Cantonese). Apparently, the restaurant’s owner chooses only fresh water prawns that have really big heads filled with creamy prawn roe.

The prawns on our Sang Har Mee were huge – and like they say about prawns – no gut, no spine but loads of stuff in the head. The roe and other stuff in the head ensured that the gravy was rich in flavour and aroma.  The deep fried noodles were flattened and looked like a big thin biscuit. The gravy was poured over the crispy noodles just before the dish was served. So we got to savour parts of the noodles that were biscuit like and parts of the noodles that were soggy. The prawns, the gravy and the noodles, together with other ingredients like  the spring onions, chives and ginger combined well to the dish a really delicious one – great flavour, texture and aroma.

Restoran Green View Sang Har Mee

Restoran Green View Sang Har Meen

Restoran Green View

The Pumpkin Beancurd was also very good. The simple braised beancurd with golden pumpkin sauce looked inviting. The blended pumpkin sauce was sweet and the beancurd was silky smooth. It was a dish with good nutrition value and was enjoyable.

Green View Seafood restaurant

The trip to Restoran Green View in PJ worth it. We had a simple but scrumptious dinner. We are not in a position to say if we had the best best Sang Har Mee in Malaysia, or even the best in PJ. However, what we had at Restoran Green View  was certainty the best Sang Har Mee we have tried in Singapore or Malaysia. We would add Sang Har Mee to the list of food to try in Malaysia.

Food: 5
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops


Restoran Green View
No. 6 & 8 Jalan 19/3 46300
Petaling Jaya Selangor,

Tel: (603) 7958 1076 or 7954 9263

Opening hours:
11:00AM to 11:00PM

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