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檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food at Kitchener Complex – Good Chendol

檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food at Kitchener Complex

There is an interesting small eatery in Kitchener Complex. It has a Chinese name –  檳城家鄉味. The Menu says “Traditional Penang Food” – we are not sure if that is a description of the food or the name of the eatery. Even if you cannot read Chinese, it should not be difficult to locate the place. Just look for the iconic Penang street art on the wall of a little cafe and various signs and posters advertising Penang delicacies. 

檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food Menu

檳城家鄉味 or Traditional Penang Food is like a coffeeshop. There is a nasi lemak counter where you queue and point to what you want. You can also place order with the cashier for drinks and various other items on the menu. They also seemed to serve some dishes that were not on the menu. We do not think that they have a fixed ordering system at the place. You should be able to figure it out somehow when you are there. Here are a few pictures of the posters and the menu which should be an indication of what you could have at the Penang eatery.

檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food Menu

檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food at Kitchener Complex  檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food Menu

Traditional Penang Food drinks menu

檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food Cendol

Penang Food

We tried the Penang Nasi Lemak ($5 for rice with 4 items) and the Fried Kway Teow ($5).

Penang Nasi Lemak

We are not sure if there is anything particularly special about Penang nasi lemak. The version we tried at 檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food was not that different from the usual nasi lemak found in Malaysia. It was not bad. The coconut milk rice was rich and had the fragrance of pandan leaves. The chilli was tasty but they were quite stingy with the chilli.

Penang Nasi Lemak

Traditional Penang Food Kway Teow

The Penang Fried Kway Teow was quite average. It would do nicely for a quick meal but it would not be something you would go out of your way to eat.

Traditional Penang Food Fried Kway Teow


 Penang Chendol

Penang Cendol

The Penang chendol came with kidney beans and thick pandan green jelly. The generous amount of beans and green jelly or worms sat on top of shaved ice drizzled with coconut milk and gula melaka. The green jelly had a very nice texture – not like factory made type which might feel like gelatin. On the whole, the chendol had a balanced subtle taste – it was not too sweet. It was one of the best versions of chendol we had tried.

Penang Chendol

檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food has a fair variety of Penang dishes and the prices are reasonable. The food we had tried were fine but not very special. Their chendol, however, is very good. We are not likely to make a special trip to Kitchener Complex to eat at 檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food but if we are in that area we will head there for their chendol.

檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food

Penang Eatery


Food: 3
Service: 2
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops



檳城家鄉味 Traditional Penang Food
809 French Road
#01-36 Kitchener Complex
Singapore 200809

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Nearby MRT Station : Lavender


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