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Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar @ Savourworld Science Park

The Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar, Science Park Drive is a restaurant in a cluster of restaurants near NUH in Kent Ridge. The cluster is called Savourworld and there are now about 12 restaurants that are operational. We will show you more about it in a subsequent post. All the restaurants looked interesting.  I decided to try the Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar as the Blue Lotus restaurants by Chef Ricky Ng seem to have received many awards. It also had the most outstanding frontage announcing its presence along Science Park Drive.

The Chinese Noodle Bar by Blue Lotus is a fairly large restaurant. The tables are spread out and are placed in cubicles. A very neat and smart concept as booth seating are always highly sought after. Some bar counter seating are available. An open kitchen provides an insight into the workings of the chefs.

Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar Menu

As its name suggests, noodles are the main event in the Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar menu. There are also some interesting looking side dishes like dumplings and charcoal grilled skewers. There is currently a lunchtime promotion – a free tea flavoured egg with a noodle main course. I asked for a recommendation and the confident response was the Signature Crispy Pork Lard Truffle Noodles ($12). I am now usually a fan of pork lard, but decided to go along with the recommendation anyway in this instance.

Here are pictures of the Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar food and drinks menu.

The tea flavoured egg had its shell cracked before being immersed in its marinade. The result was a nicely marbled pattern as the shell was removed. It had a pleasant taste.

Here are pictures of the Signature Crispy Pork Lard Truffle Noodles. Apart from the vegetables, the only other ingredient was the topping of pork lard. I avoided most of them for the sake of my waistline but I must admit they imparted a wonderful taste to the noodles. Add to that some truffle oil and the smell and taste of the noodles was very good indeed. The texture of the noodles was soft yet chewy and bouncy. These are the best noodles I have had in recent months.


It was a simple but delicious lunch at Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar. Together with a mug of Chinese tea ($2), the total price of lunch (including GST and service) was $16.50.  Here are the surviving pieces of pork lard which were not devoured.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Chope Reservations

2 Science Park Drive
#01-26 Ascent
Singapore 118222

Opening Hours : Mondays – Fridays from 11:30am – 3:00pm | 5:00pm – 10:00pm

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