The restaurants of Savourworld at Kent Ridge, Science Park Drive

(Updated in Sep 2017 to include information provided by Mr Michel Lu and some extra photos)  Compared to the folks living in the East, the residents of West Singapore do not have such a wide selection of dining options and restaurants. We were therefore excited to read the news of the opening of a large 60,000 sq ft dining enclave (30 Jan 2017 article in the Straits Times “Savour the best of both worlds“).  During our initial visit in August, most of the restaurants were operational but only on weekdays.  It seems that they are in the “soft-opening” mode at present. The grand opening is now scheduled for the weekend of 30 Sep to 1 October 2017.   That is when all the restaurants will be ready and open for evenings and weekends.  An Oktoberfest event is scheduled for 13 to 15 October.


 Savourworld – where, what & why

Savourworld is a joint venture between two Singapore f & b heavyweights – Darren Chen of events company Savour and Michel Lu of consultancy company Revolver Asia.  Savourworld is located at the Ascent office building of Ascendas-Singbridge. It is in Singapore Science Park One which, I suspect, may sound foreign to most of us who do not work there. It is in fact quite a convenient location, right at the junction of South Buona Vista Road and Science Park Drive. Only 80 m from the Kent Ridge MRT station and about a 150 m walk from the National University Hospital (NUH).

Michel Lu is no stranger to opening a new f & b enterprise in an untested place.  He had a restaurant and bar known as Hacienda at Dempsey at a time when it was just a place with mostly furniture stores. Savourworld is a big blank canvas for him to start painting again.  It will be made up of around 20 restaurants and bars.  There is a big open-air courtyard and a large air-conditioned hall with kitchen is in the process of being completed. We can imagine these being wonderful venues for big food events.  The coming Oktoberfest will be a great chance to showcase Savourworld. The f & b outlets are specially selected to create a good tenant mix and to offer a whole new dining experience.   The intention is to create a relaxed community of food outlets. The place looks quite laid back now but Michel indicates that things are afoot to spice things up by late September.

Savourworld takes up the podium space at the bottom of the Ascent building. It is a sprawling place. We saw the neat parking bays for  E-scooter sharing that was reported in recent news.   In the remaining portion of this post, we show you the restaurants and outlets that were in operation at the time of our visits. A few more restaurants and the event hall were in a state of renovation.  All in all, Savourworld sounds like an exciting place in the making.


Savourworld Restaurants and Outlets

This is a list of the Savourworld restaurants and outlets that we saw.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill serves Turkish favourites such as pide flat bread, hummus (chickpea dip) and mutton kebab. It has one of the nicest decor among the restaurants we saw.


Tel: 6266 0269

Savourworld Ottoman Kebab & Grill Menu

Licktionary is an ice-cream parlour run by a friendly gentleman who encouraged me to try the ice-cream even though it was clear that I was just browsing. The ice cream came in unique flavours which are given names like “Love”, “Summer”, “Picnic” and “Lust”.   I sampled the last one and must say that it was very good – dark chocolate with a heavy dose of alcohol in the form of brandied cherries.


Tel: 6252 1822

Aglio Olio – Italian restaurant that serves a wide variety of pasta and pizza.


Tel:  6266 0643

Coffee Break – a small cafe that serves traditional coffee,  toast and soft boiled eggs.


Blotto Bottles, Garcons and L.A.B. Cocktails share a common dining cum retail space.  Blotto is a wine shop that sells a wide selection of wines as retail or to be served in the restaurant. Prices start from below $30. From our quick glance the Bordeaux wines seem reasonably priced. The clutch of second growth Bordeaux on the shelf were going for around $135 to $165 per bottle.

L.A.B cocktails are ready made and bottled cocktails.  Like the wine, they are available for retail or served in-store. They are kept in a chiller, ready to be served. French restaurant Garcons is a name in Savourworld that we are familiar with, having tried their food at Essen at the Pinnacle.  Having these three concepts in the same space is a great idea as good wine, cocktails and French cuisine are symbiotic parts of a good meal.  It was no surprise that this place filled up quickly at lunchtime.


L.A.B Tel : 9386 0028

Garcons Tel: 9786 9123

Spruce serves “Asian-styled innovation on a Texan-Mexican menu”.


Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar – Casual Chinese dining.  Read about our visit to the Chinese Noodle Bar here.


Tel: 6988 0880

Cha Tra Mue is a Thai cafe that serves Thai beverages and light food.


Kick Cafe – casual cafe serving local and Western food.


Ramen Atelier is described as a place “where Japanese food meets French techniques”.  It sounds like the type of place we would like to visit soon.

Modus shares the same premises as Ramen Atelier. They serve nutritious quinoa bowls.


The Good Beer Company is the place to go for a beer if you work at Science Park. They are said to stock 200 varieties of craft beer. Yum!


Tokyo Joe is a casual Japanese restaurant that serves simple Japanese meals for lunch and grilled items  (sumiyaki and yakitori) in the evenings.

Wildfire Chicken & Burgers serves “burgers, fried chicken, beer and other delicious forms of goodness”.  


These are all the restaurants of Savourworld that we have for you as of now.  Please drop by again for future updates.

Savourworld Restaurants
2 Science Park Drive (Kent Ridge)
Singapore 118222

Nearby MRT Station: Kent Ridge Station

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