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13 Stages @ Kallang Wave (Outlet Closed)

13 Stages is a new chicken rice restaurant by local comedian, Mark Lee (李国煌) with a very interesting menu featuring 7 different flavours of chicken rice and 13 flavours of coffee named after the 13 States of Malaysia.

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Kallang Wave 13 Stages

Located in Kallang Wave Mall, 13 Stages is a new venture by Mark Lee, his wife Catherine, and their friends Dion and Lynn. The restaurant’s publicity collateral says 13 “represents the 13 personas Mark has taken on over his career. From a Calefare to a Comedian…a Director…Movie Producer”. 13 stages also serves 13 varieties of Malaysian coffee.

13 Stages Restaurant & Cafe

The fittings and furnishing at 13 Stages restaurant are fairly basic. The decor is simple but pleasant. It is a self-service eatery. Orders and payments are made at the counter.

13 Stages at Kallang Wave

13 Stages Menu

The menu is quite fascinating. Besides 7 varieties of chicken rice, there are also side dishes, wraps and snacks like chwee kueh and chee cheong fun. There is a point to note for those who prefer chicken breast –  13 Stages serves only chicken legs; there is no breast meat option.

Here are pictures of sections of the menu of 13 Stages.

Menu of 13 Stages

Menu of 13 Stages

13 Stages Menu

13 Stages Menu

What to eat at Kallang Wave - 13 Stages

13 Stages Set

Chicken Rice

We went to the Singapore Sports Hub and decided to have dinner at 13 Stages in Kallang Wave Mall. We ordered the Assam Chicken Rice ($8.90), Sesame Chicken ($8.90) and Samsui Chee Cheong Fun ($4.90) with a side dish of Beansprouts with ginger sauce ($2.90). The prices are inclusive of GST and there is no service charge.

13 Stages Chicken Rice


13 Stages Assam Chicken

The Assam Chicken was served in a bamboo basket and came with a plate of chicken rice and a bowl of soup. The main dish comprised steamed chicken and some vegetables with a generous amount of tangy assam gravy. The chicken was very tender and juicy. The assam gravy was slightly sweet and not very spicy.

Sesame Chicken at 13 Stages

The Sesame chicken was essentially the same steamed chicken with Japanese sesame sauce. It was topped with seaweed and tofu. Overall the taste was a tad unusual but not bad.

Samsui Chee Cheong Fun of 13 Stages

Samsui Chee Cheong Fun was steamed rice rolls topped with slices of chicken and ginger sauce. It was a good combination. A simple dish given a twist resulting in something flavourful and enjoyable. The same ginger sauce was also found in the beansprouts.

13 Stages Side dish


Kaya Butter Wrap at 13 Stages

We ordered a Kaya Butter Wrap ($2.50) as dessert. It was essentially freshly made crepe with kaya and butter filling. It was served hot and was enjoyable.

Kaya Butter Wrap at 13 Stages


A rather intriguing feature of 13 Stages is the kopi of the 13 states of East and West Malaysia. We are not sure if it is just clever marketing in naming the coffee after the different Malaysian states or if it is really representative of slightly different flavours of kopi of the various states of Malaysia. We ordered the Gems of 3 States Kopi ($4.60) – a serving of 3 flavours in small jars.

13 Stages Gems of 3 States Kopi

For the Gems of 3 States, the 3 flavours of kopi will be determined by the restaurant. The flavours of the month were Pulau Pinang, Johor & Melaka. They looked different and each had a distinctive character. The Johor was light and smooth. Melaka was medium bodied and rich with margarine added. Pulau Pinang (or Penang) was intense and strong. All were good although we liked Pulau Pinang the best.

13 Stages at Kallang Wave

13 Stages at Kallang Wave Mall in Singapore Sports Hub is an unpretentious eatery which is good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and coffee. The prices are reasonable and the chicken rice and coffee are quite good.  It is a nice restaurant we are likely to visit again and again.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs    

4 tops

13 Stages
Kallang Wave Mall #01-41
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628

Tel: +65 6384 0502

Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm

Nearby MRT Station: Stadium

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