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Vinitus Barcelona – a popular tapas bar in Eixample

This is a overdue post about the Vinitus Barcelona tapas bar that we visited earlier this year. We had passed by the restaurant several times during different visits to Spain.  It is in the Eixample district,  located just off Rambla de Catalunya and appears to be always crowded.   All the tables, indoor and outdoor were all taken and the people were prepared to stand in long queues.  Intrigued by what made Vinitus Barcelona so popular, we finally seized upon a chance to eat there at a time when there was no queue.

At about 6 pm on a weekday, Vinitus Barcelona was quiet and there was no queue to get in. We made an unscheduled stop as we could not let such a chance pass us by.  We asked for bar counter seats which provided a higher vantage spot to watch the proceedings.

The peace and quiet did not last long. By the time we left at around 7.30 pm, the place was full and the queue was forming once again. The best time to visit seems to be from 5 to 7 pm.

Big piles of seafood were on display. It seems that seafood tapas was a big attraction at Vinitus Barcelona.

Vinitus Barcelona Menu

The Vinitus Barcelona menu contains the usual tapas items. What was more interesting is the daily tapas menu.  We were attended to promptly by the service staff. They are the most productive people we have seen. They are quick on their feet and proactive in getting things done.  We selected four types of tapas and some wines by the glass.

The wines by the glass selection was limited, but reasonably priced at around 3€ per glass. We had some white wine to go with our tapas.   The fried anchovies (5.95€) were tasty and fresh.  The Spanish omelette (4.35€) was rather bland.

The razor clams looked like a good deal at 9.25€ for a plate of five pieces. But they were overcooked and very plain tasting. We prefer our local Chinese restaurant version which prepares the clams with lots of garlic and soy sauce.  Eating them plain with just a squeeze of lemon just wasn’t as good.

The prawns with garlic is a classic tapas bar item.  The prawns were good and fat but the garlic content was low. Still, it was a good value tapas item that was priced at 6.30€ .

We were happy to finally eat at Vinitus Barcelona, the tapas bar that was always crowded.   There were hits and misses in the food, but it is clear what was drawing in the crowds. The very reasonably priced menu. The total cost of our tapas and three drinks was about 35€ !



Food: 3

Service: 4

Value: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Vinitus Tapas Bar

Consell de cent 333

08007 Barcelona, Spain

+34 933 63 21 27

Vinitus Facebook



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