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Yong He Eating House Geylang 永和豆浆油条大王

The Chinese name of Yong He Eating House in Geylang says it all – 永和豆浆油条大王 – king of soya bean milk and fried dough sticks (you tiao)! There are actually three items on the menu that we like at this old coffee shop at the corner of Geylang Road and Lorong 24A. The dough sticks, the soya bean milk and the savoury soya bean curd.  Yong He was one of the places we stopped by when we were on a walk around Geylang recently.

Yong He Eating House Geylang

Yong He Eating House in Geylang has the look of a traditional Singapore coffee shop. Basic furniture and a practical layout. We noticed that it was a clean coffee shop. The floor was dry. The tables were smooth to the touch without a layer of grime that we encounter at some places.

Apart from the three must eat items we mentioned at the start of this post, Yong He also has other items on their menu such as noodles and dim sum dishes.

We ordered our usual three dishes – you tiao, soybean milk and salted bean curd plus a toasted bun 烧饼. I can’t remember the cost of each item, but the whole lot probably cost less than $10.

The saltish or savoury bean curd was the highlight of our snack stop as it is not an item found in many places. Instead of bean curd in syrup as a sweet dessert, the “salty” bean curd in this case was topped with a savoury sauce with bits of stewed minced pork.  The smooth bean curd would taste good in either version but this is something unusual (to us at least).

The soybean milk and you tiao is the usual breakfast duo. Both were very good. The soybean milk had a strong flavour and the dough stick was light and crisp.  The toasted bun was however quite ordinary.  It was a bit too heavy and tough for our liking.

All in all it was nice to visit Yong He Eating House in Geylang as we had not been there in a while.  The big pot of tea eggs also looked promising, but we did not try any that day.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Overall: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

Yong He Eating House Geylang
458 Geylang Road, Lorong 24A
Singapore 389417

Tel: +65 6745 5682 

New Takeaway Outlet in Toa Payoh (Oct 2021)
Yong He Toast (Kiosk)
177 Toa Payoh Central #01-154
Singapore 310177

9 am – 9 pm



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1 thought on “Yong He Eating House Geylang 永和豆浆油条大王”

  1. Just went by today and the standard has dropped. Not sure if this was the once famous beancurd but the food is bad. Not worth a trip here. First and last for sure.

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