Two Tall Trees in Serangoon Garden (Closed)

Two Tall Trees Cafe Serangoon Gardens

With two barkless coffee trees in its compact shophouse premises, Two Tall Trees signals that it is a cool neighbourhood cafe which is serious about its coffee. Embedded in the unique and charming low rise residential enclave of Serangoon Garden, Two Tall Tress offers specialty coffee and coconut latte as well as comfort food and desserts.

Two Tall Trees Cafe

Two Tall Trees – neighbourhood cafe

Two Tall Trees is a casual diner and the decor is fairly typical of Singapore cafes. There are “generic designer” chairs and the table arrangement is configurable so that the cafe can easily accommodate a couple, a mid-sized family or a large group. It is nifty enough to attract the teens and casual enough for family with kids.

Two Tall Trees

The standout feature of the cafe is the 2 barren barkless trees in the dining space. The staff must have gotten tired of answering the inevitable questions about the tress. There is now a sign explaining the origin of the coffee tress of Sumatra.

Why Two Tall Trees

Menu of Two Tall Trees

The menu of Two Tall Trees is in the form of sheets on a clipboard.  We understand that it is to facilitate the ever-changing menu. However, the slightly worn dog-eared menu did not make a good first impression. We had no complaint about the menu items. There were the usual all-day breakfast items, pastas and waffles and an extensive range of beverages. Below are pictures of sections of Two Tall Trees menu when we visited them in August 2017.

Menu of Two Tall Trees

Menu of Two Tall Trees

Two Tall Trees Menu

Two Tall Trees Menu

Coffee & Coconut Latte

Coffee at Two Tall Trees

The coconut latte in the menu intrigued us and so we decided to try the Coconut Candy ($6). Since Two Tall Trees’ speciality is coffee, we also tried their the Flat White ($5). Coconut Candy was espresso with milk and coconut oil. It tasted like a usual cafe latte with a slight hint of coconut – frothy and quite delicious. The flat white was also good – smooth with slight sweetness and a sense of richness.

Coconut Latte at Two Tall Trees

Brunch @ Two Tall Trees

Brunch at Two Tall Trees

We were at Two Tall Trees for a weekend brunch and ordered the usual Bacon Egg Benedict ($12) and Bacon, Chicken & Waffles ($14). Service charge, but not GST, would be added to the bill. The efficient and friendly staff served iced water while we waited for our food and our glasses were continually topped up during our meal.

Waffle at Two Tall Trees

The Bacon, Chicken and Waffles combination has become quite common recently. The good sized strips of bacon was perfectly cooked. They were crispy and tasty. The chicken did not look great but had crisp and tasty skin and moist and flavourful flesh. The waffles could be better – it lacked the extra crispness on the outside which we would have preferred. On the whole the dish was nice and enjoyable.

Eggs Benedict at Two Tall Trees

The Bacon Eggs Benedict looked good and was not too bad in terms of taste. Using brioche toast and a rich yogurt sauce, the chef created an Eggs Benedict dish that was well balanced – slightly tangy, sweet and savoury. The tasty crispy bacon gave the dish an extra dimension. If there was one small gripe, it was that the eggs were not perfectly poached. Actually, the complaint did not come from the person eating the eggs. It came from the one with the camera – he could not get the picture of oozing egg yolk.

Two Tall Trees Eggs Benedict

Good Neighbourhood Cafe

Brunch at Two Tall Trees was a pleasant affair. The food is more than decent and the coffee is good. The cosy cafe is clearly popular with local residents of all ages. Two Tall Trees in Serangoon Garden is the quintessential neighbourhood cafe with friendly service and good food & beverages at very reasonable prices.

Two Tall Trees Serangoon Gardens

Food: 3
Service :4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops


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Two Tall Trees
14 Kensington Park Road
Singapore 557265

Tel: +65 6281 1286

Opening Hours:
Tues-Fri : 12 noon – 10 pm
Sat & Sun : 9 am – 10 pm
Closed on Mondays



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