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Poke Doke Millenia Walk (Closed)

Poke (pronounced as a two-syllable word; like the inverse of “kay-poh”) is a simple Hawaiian dish of raw fish salad which has been around for ages. It has recently become all the rage and Poke Doke Millenia Walk is one of the many new poke joints that have sprouted up in Singapore. Poke bowls must be hip when you can find them in Millenia Walk, a swanky mall which described itself as “a retail haven for the discerning shopper who appreciates inspirational lifestyle products, quality craftsmanship, bespoke offerings and gastronomic adventures“.

Poke Doke

Poke Doke Millenia Walk

Poke Doke Millenia Walk has the casual beach cafe look. However, despite the wooden bar table furniture and a huge graphic declaring that “life’s A Beach”, it has the atmosphere of the typical urban cafe in a city mall. It is small and the spacing between tables is minimal. The business plan is probably to cater mainly to the take-away customers.

Poke Doke Millenia Walk offers convenience and choice. Customers can pick one of the standard pre-designed bowls or personalise their own bowls by selecting the base (rice or soba or salad only), fish and toppings.

Poke Doke

Poke Doke Millenia Walk

Poke Doke Menu

We visited Poke Doke Millenia Walk on a weekday. There was a queue at the counter during lunchtime but not many dine-in patrons. We ordered the standard Poke Doke Signature Bowl ($14.90 plus $1.50 for each premium add on) and opted to customise a regular bowl ($12.50).

Millenia Walk Poke Doke

Singapore Poke Doke

The Signature Bowl came with the original salmon poke, flying fish roe, pineapple and endamame. The onsen egg and avocados were add-ons ($1.50 each)  The salmon tasted fresh. The flavour was given by The Original sauce made from a blend of citrus, Japanese shoyu and toasted sesame oil. The portion of the various toppings could probably be a bit more generous but on the whole the poke bowl was a sufficient serving for lunch.

Poke Doke Singapore

For the customised bowl we opted for the wasabi tuna. The raw tuna was of good quality and the spicy wasabi sauce had a nice kick to it without overpowering the other ingredients in the bowl. It was quite enjoyable.

Poke Doke Millenia Walk

Overall, we thought the Poke Doke’s bowls were quite flavourful and enjoyable. We like the many ways we can customise a bowl to suit our preferences. It is also nice to know that, by picking brown rice and the right mix of vegetables and toppings, this trendy rojak dish can allow us to load up on nutrients with minimal calories.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Poke Doke Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Millenia Walk #01-95
Singapore 039596

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