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Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant (Closed)

Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant at Park Regis Singapore is not a new Chinese restaurant. It has been in operation for a few years, but it has not been on our dining radar, until recently. With the usual Singapore Cantonese restaurant heavyweights like Wah Lok, Summer Pavilion, Imperial Treasure and Crystal Jade always at the front of our minds, the less familiar Cantonese restaurants tend to get forgotten. We therefore made a specific effort to have lunch at Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant. A dive into the unknown rather than going to a familiar favourite.

The Park Regis Singapore hotel is located along Merchant Road, right behind the Ministry of Manpower building along Havelock Road. The Royal Pavilion restaurant is on the ground floor. We walked past the hotel lobby and cafe and saw an ornately decorated restaurant. The giant chandelier and gold carved panels provided lots of bling to the place.

Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant Menu

Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant serves the wide range of dishes that Cantonese restaurants are known for, including dim sum for lunch. We were attracted by the Royal Set Lunch Menu which had a mix of dim sum and other items. With a price of $19.80++ per person for a 5-course meal, it looked quite reasonable. There were two options – Menu A and Menu B. There being a few of us, we tried both versions. Here are pictures of the Royal Set Lunch and some pages from the regular Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant menu.

Each person gets two pieces of dim sum for the first course. The dim sum was generally good. The steamed crystal shrimp dumpling (har gau) from Menu A in particular was very good.


Next, the soup dishes. The double boiled apple and dried conpoy chicken soup from Menu B was better than the braised spinach broth. The latter which was a bit too starchy for our liking, but had some colourful bits that brightened up the soup.

The meat dishes were next.  Diners opting for menu A get to eat char siew and jelly fish strips with minced garlic. Menu B diners get the roast pork and sticks of crunchy Japanese cucumbers.  As we pooled all our food, the whole combination reminded us of the big appetiser platter usually served as a first course during Chinese wedding dinners. Both  the roast pork and char siew were very good. Our only complaint would be that the portion for each person was so small!

The last savoury dish was Japanese homemade noodles with scallop for Menu A and Supreme Wok Fried Rice with fillet of grouper for Menu B. Both of these were very good. The seafood bits were small but fresh and well cooked.


Dessert was the same for both menus. In the menu, it was described as Chef’s Recommendation of Royal Sweet, which basically left it to the chef to dictate what dessert we were having.  It turned out to be a sweet soupy dish with sea coconut and red dates. It was pleasant but not substantial enough. We had to place extra orders for dessert.

Here is a picture of the desserts we had. The extra two were Chilled Mango Puree with Sago and Pomelo ($6) and Deep Fried Black Sesame Rice Cake with Black Sugar ($8 for 4 pieces).

Both our extra desserts were good. The mango puree with ice-cream provided a fresh familiar taste. The black sesame rice cake was different and more interesting. Basically it was like soft Japanese mochi, deep fried to  create a crisp surface but still soft inside. The pieces were coated with sesame seeds.  The black sugar provided sweetness.

It was our first time visiting the Park Regis Hotel and the Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant. We were impressed by the food. It will probably not be our last visit. Do note that the usual Chinese restaurant “overheads” apply – tea, towels and pickles come at a price. Parking was quite expensive at $5 for the first hour, but a free pass was given for spending above $100.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 

4 tops

Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant 
Park Regis Singapore
23 Merchant Road Level 1

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