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The .elia Singapore is a newcomer to the Keong Saik dining neighbourhood. It is located along Jiak Chuan Road, a side road that branches off Keong Saik Road. Its neighbours include famous Spanish tapas bar Esquina on one side and budget hotel, Hotel 81 on another side.  What does its name “.elia” mean?  The answer my friends, is written on the chalkboard in the restaurant.

.elia restaurant Singapore

According to our basic internet research, Elia is a girl’s name with Hebrew origins. In this case, the fullstop signifies an end. The word elia that comes after it represents a new beginning. It apparently has a deeper meaning for the folks at the restaurant – signifying striving for perfection and remaining humble at the same time. It is refreshing to see a new restaurant with such positive intentions.

.elia Singapore is a simple, almost minimalist type of restaurant. They refer to themselves as a bistro by day, restaurant by night. The kitchen lies right at the back of the long shophouse. The front of the restaurant is shared between the dining tables and the long drinks preparation area where a big coffee machine dominates. We immediately liked the bright natural light that filled the place.  The tables were set far apart. A good change from some places whose aim is to maximise the number of tables they can squeeze into their space.

.elia Menu

At lunchtime the .elia Singapore menu contains mainly pasta and sandwich items.  An ala carte menu is available for dinner which has more interesting items like octopus and wagyu short rib. We tried three kinds of sandwiches and a pasta. Here are pictures of the .elia lunch menu, drinks list and ala carte .elia menu. The sandwiches come with a salad. We paid an additional $1 to enjoy a cup of coffee from the spaceship coffee machine. In the case of the pasta, we had to pay an additional $2, which got us a salad and the coffee.

.elia restaurant Singapore lunch menu

.elia restaurant Singapore dinner menu

.elia Pasta

The scampi pasta ($18.50) was the most expensive item on the menu.  The pasta was nice and springy in texture. The prawns were fat and well grilled. The only controversy about this dish was the sauce. It was a thick creamy sauce. Those who like such sauces thought it was a good dish. Those who prefer a light pasta were happier with their sandwich choices.

.elia restaurant Singapore pasta

.elia Sandwiches

It was agreed that the best sandwich of the day was the crispy pesto chicken.  Every component of this sandwich was good.  But it was the tasty pesto sauce that lifted it to a high level.  It was also a large sandwich.  It can potentially be shared by two people.

.elia restaurant Singapore pesto chicken sandwich

The pulled pork sandwich ($17.50) was the next favoured sandwich. It was a well balanced sandwich with equal amounts of meat and vegetables. The pork has a good taste. The colourful vegetables made it look attractive and healthy.

The truffle eggs sandwich ($15.50) took last place. Not because there was anything wrong with it, just that by comparison, it was the plainest dish. It was the smallest serving which makes it a good choice for those with a small appetite.

The coffee that was served as part of the lunch set was very good. It was smooth and mild in flavour.  We would stop by just for the coffee if we happen to be in the area again. Overall, lunch at the new .elia restaurant was a pleasant experience.  The place was manned by a bunch of young, friendly people.

Food: 4
Service: 5
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

10 Jiak Chuan Road
Singapore 089264

Tel: +65 9642 2361

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday : 9am-10pm.  Sunday :  9am-5pm.
Closed on Monday

Nearby MRT Station : Outram


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